Rube Goldberg Hayley

DoomRat 2363

The start of turn 6 for an average run: alt text

First off I want to apologize to everyone for publishing this. Personally, I wanted to let it fly under the radar until it could be addressed, but someone, who is totally not @whiteblade111, insisted that they were taking it to Store Champs. That being the case, I wanted to get it out in the wild for the sake of fairness. If we need to assign additional blame, some can go to @errantmage for giving me this idea, Michael Boggs (for DJ) and Lukas Litzsinger (for Tech Trader and Gheist).

The Deck

The goal here is to get DJ Fenris down as quickly as possible, selecting Geist as our G-Mod, and a couple of tech traders. Once you do that, just start chaining installs. An action sequence might end up looking something like this:

Install 2 Clone Chips with Bazaar or Hayley

Clone Chip out DaVinci

DaVinci to install Self-modifying Code

SMC for another DaVinci

Continue installing and trashing until you have 100+ credits

Once you have effectively infinite money (usually by turn 5 or 6), install your breakers and durdle with your Spy Cams until they put something in the remote or you win off R&D. Laamb needs to go on the Leprechaun so you can keep triggering DaVinci and SMC as needed for additional draw and credits (as if you needed it at this point).


Things that beat this deck (and appropriate Counter-Counter-Tech):

Ark-Lockdown. You'll need to just play well to beat this. Make sure that you don't let all of any of your engine cards (DaVinci, Clone Chip, Sports Hopper, Spy Camera) sit in the bin together if you suspect they have this.

Under The Bus. If they trash your DJ you'll have to levy and find it again, which is a significant slowdown. You can beat this way Dummy Box if you want to go that route.

MCA Informant. Like Under The Bus but worse. Dummy Box is less effective here, you probably just have to trash DJ and find him again.

Scarcity. You can probably just push through this one and go a little slower, but bring interdiction or government investigations if it makes you feel better.

Personality Profiles (lol). This card is bad, but it does beat you. If someone actually has this just shake their hand.

Other Note

There's a jnet glitch if you get a Hayley Trigger while installing DJ Fenris. If that happens you can fix it by leaving the game, refreshing your browser, and rejoining.

14 Feb 2019 errantmage

Having seen this deck in action, I must say it's quite the degenerate sight to behold!

15 Feb 2019 lostgeek

How do you even address this deck? Ban DaVinci?

15 Feb 2019 percomis

Nice to see Spycam Hayley resurface! Couple of questions:

  1. Wouldn't it be worth to put in an Astrolabe? Would give a lot of draw against asset decks and I can imagine it helps in awkward memory situations? Not sure if those happen.
  2. .. to put in Misdirection. You have no way to gain clicks so HHN can lead to a scoring window. Spending 2 clicks to remove a bunch of tags seems better than 4?
  3. Is there no room for Beth? Having plus clicks is great.
15 Feb 2019 Okkdoko

Fenris' party has gotten way out of hand. #bantheDJ

But seriously, this deck looks like a total monster and I'm struggling to see how to reliable beat it. Well done!

15 Feb 2019 DoomRat

@lostgeek: I think Tech Trader or DJ are the obvious choices if it needs that.

@percomis: My thinking for 1 and 3 is that long term tempo cards don't help you get the engine going, and once the engine is going they don't matter. Also for Astrolabe 1 MU, which isn't enough to fix the MU problem (you want to be able to install SMC for value once your breakers are down), so Leprechaun is here as the cheapest way to accommodate 2 MU. Regarding misdirection, I don't really want to bring tech cards for problems that I can solve with money. Tags that don't require a run are much more dangerous (SIU and Fly on the Wall), so something like Forger could have merit for that situation.

15 Feb 2019 moistloaf

i dont get it, smc for davinci costs 3c, even with all 3 traders you only break even. to clarify, this isn't an actual infinite money combo, it seems to mostly lean on the tech writers to actually net money, with the traders+geist to always have install money?

15 Feb 2019 rongydoge

Rude Goldberg.

15 Feb 2019 DoomRat

@moistloaf: SMC'ing for DaVinci is credit neutral, as you said, but every time you trigger DaVinci to install a zero cost thing, you gain 3. Most of your money comes from triggering DaVinci and SpyCam.

@rongydoge That was actually suggested as a name for this deck.

16 Feb 2019 greyfield


19 Feb 2019 Uruz

I'm not gonna lie, profiles was my solution to crowdfunding that accidentally solves this, and I'm really sad that you thought/posted that before I got a chance to show you my dumb jank at a GNK :P

20 Feb 2019 stoppableforce

government investigations


20 Feb 2019 Thike

If I'm expecting Titan should I drop 2 Peddler for a Clot? Peddlers are great, but they seem like the least essential influence.

20 Feb 2019 s.fritzi

What an absolutely beautiful mess this is. I love everything about it. 10/10 would Shaper again.

20 Feb 2019 tonybluehose

just spent a few matches (playing against and with this); survived an All-Seeing I, had Geist removed twice; the recovery time in this piece of Shaper Art is really something.

You built a beautiful monster here.

22 Feb 2019 DoomRat

@ThikeI think I'd drop the Hostage? Neither option is particularly appealing and will make it slower, but Hostage doesn't get used in a significant number of games, where as you use the peddlers every game, so that's the way I'd go.

27 Feb 2019 Vortilion

Tried to play with it several times, I think it is extreeemly slow. The corp always scores for win way before I am set up...

27 Feb 2019 Vortilion

"Once you have effectively infinite money (usually by turn 5 or 6)" That sounds impossible to me. I always have credit problems with this, because for most installs you need a lot of f... creds. For that you need Tech Traders. And all Technical Writers. No way I have the setup ready before turn 6, and then i still need more turns to collect credits, until then the corp has won like twice...

5 Mar 2019 Scoogsy

I'm echoing some of what @Vortilion is saying. I've run about 5 games now and it's very unpredictable, but mostly slow. Maybe in one game against a slow corp I pulled together a 40 credit lead and knew I had remote lock. However in many of my other games I've just been left trying to find key pieces, and scratching for credits. Meanwhile the corp cruises away to victory.

7 Mar 2019 JayPumpkin

Chronos Project also a very strong counter.