The best feeling in Netrunner

Booshy 157

I discovered the best feeling in Netrunner while playing this deck over the weekend. The gameplan of this deck is to be able to pressure early, get your draw engine going, then when you find rebirth you take off your mask and SURPRISE, you were Steve all along!

Anyways, putting two of the same card in front of your opponent when playing Steve is boring. Instead you keep on hit them with Diversion of Funds a few times over the game, then you present them a choice. Do they want me to have ANOTHER Diversion? Or this Deep Dive? Just stare at them as they are forced to make a decision that they will be thinking about for the rest of the game.

You can either be stoic as this decision is being made, or cackle manically. Use your discretion.

This is basically my deck that I took to Pandemonium Circuit Opener on June 18th where I came 4th out of 11. I was running 2 Deep Dive. -1 Deep Dive, -1 Unity, +1 Abagnale, -2 Deuces Wild, +1 Falsified, +1 Embezzle +1 Aumakua was my list. I actually never fired the deep dive all day, so I cut it down to 1 and used that influence to get set up faster/more efficiently.

20 Jun 2022 valerian32

Cool deck!