Sit Back and Relax ACME - #2 Swiss, SEA Continentals

nbkelly 853

This is just ACME with just about every good card I could fit in it. I made the decklist before the banlist change, and didn't touch it at all since then, except to change a spicy DNA Tracker and Mausolus into some lame Border Controls. They didn't "help" (since I never actually cast them), but I had them there for the players that were playing APOC, giving me the confidence I needed to "just score behind some hydras."

Basically, just sit back and relax.

Gold Farmer, Slot Machine are some nutty cards.

F2P, Data Ward, Hydra are all silly good in ACME.

You can cast SIU from a low cost well defended remote while your Daily Quest tick up, MCA Austerity Policy crunches for turns and earns free scores, or you just have a Fly on the Wall sitting in a remote half the game waiting for the chance to slap the runner with a random tag into Closed Accounts or The All-Seeing I.

I played Threat Assessment because it costs 1, I don't have to recur it, and it doesn't kill my tempo like a Hard-Hitting News might.

I was playing Exchange of Information for a while, but then I realized it did literally nothing to help me win. Tags are just for value. Make them sweat.

My runner deck (Eater Keyhole Siphon spam Hoshiko) went undefeated, earning me second place.

Thanks to all the brave people on that had to suffer through these games when they were just teched for asset spam.

19 Aug 2020 tonybluehose

I heart this deck.