Friendly IG - 3rd @ Ravens Nest SC

thesubatomic 165

Friendly IG - A kinder, gentler, prison deck.

I've been interested in IG since Museum of History first came out, and have been tinkering with it off an on ever since. I have always felt that the deck has been a force to be reckoned with, but doesn't often get a chance to shine. The strategy is so miserable to play against, and to play, but it is effective and that's all that matters to me!

I didn't expect to run into much Net Damage hate, even after the 4x Jinteki PU at the last tournament because reasons. However on the day, I did have one matchup against one of my testing partners who did (correctly) slot a feedback filter. I still won, but it made my life much more difficult.

Card Choices

I don't feel the need to go into detail about the main prison aspect of the deck, so I'll just briefly highlight it here in case any readers are unaware of how this works. You assemble 3x Bio-Ethics Association, 3x Hostile Infrastructure, and 1x Genetics Pavilion to deal more damage every turn than the runner can draw on their turn. Eventually, they will lose. Anyways, on to the interesting card choices.

*1x Daily Business Show - This used to be a Sensie, but I needed the spare influence so I had to switch it out. This is 100% worse than Sensie, but it gets the job done.

*1x Elizabeth Mills - Salsette Slums is the worst enemy of this deck, and Liz takes care of it handily. Added benefit being the ability to get rid of Val's bad pub. Anything to make Anarch's life a little harder.

*2x Mumbad City Hall - This cut is a little controversial. I decided that since you only ever need one MCH and Tech Startup does a wonderful job of fetching one if you need it, two is the correct number. I could be wrong!

*1x Ronin - Ronin was HUGE when I was facing my friend with Feedback Filter. I had to cycle and fire off Ronin several times to break his bank and allow my prison to get back to work. Great Include!

*1x Best Defense - This was a major player on the day, allowing me to trash several Street Peddlers, an Always Be Running, and SMC. Also key in the Hate Bear matchup to destroy opposing Mediums/Obelus. Keep this in! It's good!

*1x Friends in High Places - This is the best card that has come out for IG since Museum. I'd LOVE to run two if I could figure out the influence cut. It makes your life so much easier in about every way possible. It speeds up your setup by repeatedly fetching Tech Startups, and it is an amazing tempo swing; returning in one click what it took your opponent two clicks to trash. Amazing!

Everything else is pretty standard, but as always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask below!

If you would like a more detailed guide to matchups, I'd be happy to write it up. Just let me know! Thanks!

13 Jan 2017 hutch9514

Would love to hear more on how to play this. First time IG player.

13 Jan 2017 hutch9514