Hammer to Fall - Leisure Games, London 3rd Place

MasterAir 394

Took this deck to Leisure Games, London store championship. I came 3rd, so it must have been doing something right.

I beat Gagarin Deep Space, Argus, Blue Sun and EtF in Swiss, lost to Blue Sun and NEH. In top 8 elimination I lost round 1 to NEH (6-7), before 2 runner (Blue Sun and NEH) and 1 corp win in Losers bracket final. I won the rematch against the same NEH deck in the Losers Bracket.

It's a pretty simple deck. As always finding desperado helps a lot. But the game plan is like all Anarch decks. Play what you have not what you want to have (though do draw cards to give yourself more options), don't fear ICE - you have redundancy and recursion aplenty, if you find a weak spot (or a weak enough spot) don't stop hammering it until the corp makes you stop.

MemStrips is debatable, I should probably take them out and just figure out the best 5 memory rig. The one game they turned up on time and I could take the tempo hit (against) BS they allowed a couple of Datasuckers and a Nerve Agent as well as my 5 mu ICE breaking solution (mimic, yog, corroder, atman, d4v1d gets through most things).

Highlights of the day Knifing 3 Eli 1.0 in the same game. Hammering 2 scorches in my first game.

Despite going 1-2 against NEH for the day. Both losses were 6-7 and the first was a catastrophic player error. I ran through Information Overload after Midseasons. I think any other ICE there and I would have won the game. I was going for a 5-6 deep medium dig.

IHW saved me from double Scorched Earth against Argus.

15 Feb 2015 Talism

ill have to give this a try, ive been trying to get Eddy going for a while, medium/nerve is what i think you want, with medium being the preference.

either way good work, looks solid im still not 100% sold on inject, some times when it kills 4 programs , it hurts alot!

15 Feb 2015 MasterAir

Inject is fantastic. I'd argue the best value card draw in the game. You need to have some recursion of course, but it really makes Déjà Vu as a card. It draws all your good stuff, throws some stuff in the bin where it's easier for anarchs to find than when it's in the deck. Play more with Inject it's worth playing around the (slight) drawback.

It also enables the stimhack/clone chip combo in a big way.

15 Feb 2015 king_mob

This deck looks savage. Really strong breaker set too and strong econ. One question though, how did you knife 3 eli with only 1 copy of knifed and no SOT?

15 Feb 2015 MasterAir

Déjà Vu the universal tutor.

15 Feb 2015 king_mob

Ahhhhhhhh lightbulb

15 Feb 2015 jeibel

Played against the deck and lost to it. Really respect the deck as it has the fundamentals down early and start pressuring .Strong economy, and Inject is guaranteed to find it. Kim's ability is a nice added bonus that reward what you should be doing anyway, pressuring the corp. As I have said to the deck's player I think it may have a weak point in its ability to get an agenda out of a remote, especially one protected by Lotus Field, or Ash.

Great solid, no-non sense deck.

16 Feb 2015 AsteriskCGY

That's been my thought on Memstrips. I like that I can put them after I've been running with some viruses, because I don't have to bring them back to host on a Djinn, but a 3 drop is hard with most Anarch economy.

16 Feb 2015 AndytheLovell

Double scorching you and not winning was my lowlight of the day! Thanks for the game though, well done on the 3rd place finish

17 Feb 2015 MasterAir

@AndytheLovell I think my 2 games against you were the 2 games I won that I had absolutely no business winning. Where it was better to be lucky than good. I hate those games from the other side of the table! Well played and thanks for the games.

18 Feb 2015 PaxCecilia

Great deck list, interesting spread of economy resources and I love the use of Inject. It really is an awesome accelerant, though in a game of hidden information it sort of sucks to show the corporation what you have up your sleeve. I think I might need to test this decklist out next time I get a chance!

28 Feb 2015 spiralshadow

I love this deck, I think going for a full breaker suite plus Medium and Nerve Agent is the way to play Kim effectively. How useful have you found Clone Chip? It looks like it'd be useful for fetching stuff that Inject dumps, but I haven't tried it in Kim yet myself.

10 Mar 2015 MasterAir

@spiralshadow The Clone Chip is good for many reasons. It means you can have Parasite on demand so that rezzing ICE becomes unpalatable. It means you can Inject and not worry about ditching programs in your heap (bad tutoring). It gives you resilience against destroyer ICE.

Probably most importantly it allows you to use Stimhack money to install programs - e.g. Atman with 4 counters for free or Yog.0 while trashing a DBS or PAD campaign.

1 Jun 2015 taione

@MasterAir, great deck! I took this to the South German Regionals and came in second. It performed excellently against HB-FA, NEH and RP. I lost to a NEH very-fast advance deck in the finals.