Modern Campaigns - 1st place Zurich SC (4 - 1)

qvm 1891

This deck went 4-1 during five rounds of Swiss in the Rien ne va plus store championship in Zurich. Latest legal pack was Quroum.

My runner deck was Leela.

I played against Logos Leela, En Passant Val (loss), Hate Bear Quetzal, Faust CT and Temujin Katman.

I've played EtF with campaigns and two SanSans both during nationals season and for the last two months (Fairchild 3.0 made me come back). For a while, I was running Mumbad Virtual Tours an Hellion Beta test, until a Whizzard saw my Hellion on R&D and completely played around it with Slums. Since I love firing beta tests and I got frustrated with not having ice consistently, I decided to jump from 13 to 18 ice and drop all the Hellion/MVT stuff. I haven't looked back.

Then friends came along, which was a natural include. I don't want to run 3x, since I don't want it on my starting hand. At about the same time, Spags list was making the rounds, but I'm not a fan of Next ice. I dislike ice that doesn't have a face check. Exceptions are turing (AI hate) and Vanilla (best barrier at zero rest cost). I would love to run one more architect, but the rest of the influence is pretty much locked up.

You can play around with some of the other ice (Wall of Static, Ichi, Sherlock). I'll have to play some more in the Sifr meta to see how this deck will fair.

30 Jan 2017 RTsa

Undefeated with a 4-1 score? :)

Played a similar list, this seems very solid. Double SSCG seems like it can be quite consistent, even if they are influence hogs. Congrats! :)

31 Jan 2017 qvm

Doh! I copy pasted that from my runner deck late at night. Apologies! (and fixed).

Yes, I like putting influence all influence into my win condition, even if it's focused on very few cards.

31 Jan 2017 munchli21

+1 for the modern name!