Don't care about the runner gameplan

Diogene 2246

Outrun the runner! Don't care about the runner gameplan, you have no responses for it anyways.

Don't care

Mulligan : You want one card that give credits.

How to win : score from hand (sometime the runner forget to check what is on the board, but do not count on it). You have 6 ways to score from hand.

  1. Use Bass CH1R180G4. Note that you can use Red Level Clearance to put it on the board and regain the click. The total cost will then be the same as Biotic Labor.
  2. Use Biotic Labor to score.
  3. Use Audacity to score.
  4. Use Big Deal. Normally to score Global Food Initiative.
  5. Use Bioroid Work Crew to bring the agenda on the board and score. For this, you have Subliminal Messaging and Red Level Clearance to activate Bioroid Work Crew.
  6. Score Élivágar Bifurcation.

The big changes, from the previous list Iceless Initiative, is the addition of Pop-up Window. This slows down the runner a bit while enabling Big Deal. Also, Élivágar Bifurcation is replacing Hyperloop Extension. Lastly, Preemptive Action help me dilute R&D a bit, to lower the chance for the runner to get and agenda from the top of R&D.

As usual, Stargate might seems a problem, but you will be too fast to care about that. Clot is the biggest problem for the deck.

Possible changes for the deck :

  1. Adding Drafter to replace Calvin B4L3Y and Preemptive Action. I prefered Calvin B4L3Y because it is a type of click compression to be able to draw more with one click, at no cost. But additionnal ices could further slow down the runner and even let you get back cards clicklessly.
  2. Removing a Global Food Initiative for Hyperloop Extension and an extra Spin Doctor. I tried that and having 14 agendas was not helpful (that is almost 1 agendas for every 3 cards). If you go that route, take out Big Deal, since you have much less chances of using it with only one GFI.
  3. Adding Macrophage or Mavirus, to deal with Clot. Clot really hurt against a fast advance deck. If you want to make the list competitive, an answer to Clot is essential.

This deck will bring you and the runner on a great ride. Enjoy!