2017 Geist [1st Geeklife Store Champ]

NetDad 796

Keeping with the times I slammed together my old Geist list with the German Geist list from Worlds to come up with this. Maxwell is a beast against rush and the massive amount of draw this deck has meant I was able to tank 4 Advanced Junebugs without trouble.

While I was testing this deck the second Source was a Wasteland, but that slot really wants to be another cheap connection so I slammed in another Source. I'm torn on 2 or 3 Off-Campus, cuz while it can be rough to start without it I'm not sure the deck needs two mid game dead draws.

Cards to consider cutting/adding for tuning the deck to your meta looks like the following list: Info Sifting, 6th Spy Camera, Councilman, Pol Op, Drug Dealer, Corporate Defector, Forger, On The Lam, another Turtle, and Interdiction