German Geist 12th at Worlds (now with some text)

Heinzel 1294

This is the Geist deck i brought to world and got to 12th place with.
While testing it against Brain Rewiring- and Reversed Accounts-CI at worlds ff0x decided to bring it as well.

During swiss i dropped 1 game to Wilfy, beating a Next Design, 4 Ctms and Timmy Wongs CI with it.
During the cut i didn´t do so well, losing a game to Dans Potato and Alex Whites CTM.
In the games against Wilfy and Alex i was at match point at the end of game, the game against Dan wasn´t so close.

No Trash Breakers: I never liked the trash breakers since you need to invest so many clicks into getting them ready to break anything. While they make you cards and draw you money you can´t really chose when to use them which makes them a whole lot worse. Your opponent can tax them out by rezzing only one type of ice. I´ve seen many games where Geists where sitting on a lot of money but couldn´t get in. You also need to invest a lot of clicks to set them up and they eat up a lot of deckspace. All sources of link have Trash-Abilities as well and having a lot of these out prevents you from using since you don´t want them to use MU.

I opted for a normal breaker suite instead, using Aumakua and Dean Lister as well as Maxwell James to contest early remotes. While only running one ofs is risky the amount of draw you get from this deck should get you to your breakers in time. I also didn´t expect do see much Skorpios at worlds since it didn´t seem to be good with every shaper on 3 Sacrificial Construct.

Link: When theorizing about the post rotation meta i thought having base link would be good since i expected IP Block to be the new Eli 1.0. Aumakua and Dean Lister seemed to be really strong and runners needed a way to break AI to not get locked out by the mythic suite. The rotation of the best 1 link runners Kate and Andy made it even more appealing . Turns out only CTM and i were running it. It still was very useful in the CTM Matchup. You want to play Sports Hopper and Maxwell James in Geist anyway. This allows you to overinstall the turtle if you run into IP Blocks. It also gives you access to drip economy in the form of Mr Phones.

Calling in Favors: Pretty much every Geist is playing Tech Trader, Fall Guy and Street Peddler. This in combination with the inclusion of the new resources pushed this card over the top. I have found that as Geist you can go quite low on money early on. Installing a hopper can be hard sometimes. This card helps you smooth out your early game and gets to be a powerhouse in the mid to late game. It also reduces the tempo hit from Levy AR Lab Access since your deck will be quite small from all the installed cards and all the draw from Geist will get you to them quickly. Playing 2 of these after playing a Levy to get 20 Credits feels amazing.

On the Lam/Forger: Forger got put into the deck after i found out that Hard-Hitting News and MCA Austerity Policy are annoying. Providing a link is also useful for turning on the Underworld Contact. After i found out about the Brain Rewiring decks On the Lam got added as well. It also pushes the CTM Matchup heavily into your favor.
Note that all resources in the deck are either 0 Cost or Connections making them vulnerable to either Best Defense or Contract Killer. Since you want to keep Fall Guys around anyways this isn´t a problem in most games but can be relevant.

Random Notes:
1. Keep Fall Guys around if you expect best defends and keep one if you don´t (unless you know their decklist of course).
2. Yes, Scarcity of Resources is bad for you. Sometimes you need to play "Freedom Through Equality" just to install some resources (preferably an active Mr Phones to get drip econ going if they have another one).
3. If your local meta consists of Skorpios enthusiasts don´t bring this list.
4. I ran a remote with 3 Mumbad Virtual Tour and a NASX trashed them all and was still richer than the corp.
5. You lose to Elective Upgrade.
6. I am still not sure how to mash potatoes (except for packing Caldera, the deck should make enough money once set up).
7. Don´t think too much about their sifting piles. Oftentimes it´s best to just pick randomly. While they made their pile i just picked left or right. Would´ve gotten rused if they put them behind each other.
8. With no changes to the MWL this deck will be legal until Geist rotates.
9. I got quite lucky this tournament running into 4 CTMs and no scarcities

7 Nov 2017 IonFox

Awesome list, and thanks for showing Calling in Favors some much needed love!

7 Nov 2017 MikeJS

Was thrilled to see this list do so well, but I think most credit goes to its pilot. #L5Rdrop #neverforget

7 Nov 2017 igrekk

Why "Freedom Through Equality" over Mad Dash?

Isn't Scarcity of Resources big problem for such resource heavy deck?

What about setup time?

7 Nov 2017 BizTheDad

@igrekk, yes, Scarcity of Resources is a big problem for resource heavy decks but it's generally a problem for any deck that doesn't run Magnum Opus. So, like every other deck it's something you simply need to play around. Also, he has two currents in this deck which should help with getting rid of SoR.

7 Nov 2017 MazeBerlin

@igrekk I guess it's there to combo with Information Sifting or Legwork

7 Nov 2017 igrekk

@MazeBerlingood point. Thank you!

@BizTheDadat least I would try 3 x Employee Strike and a couple of Same Old Thing.

7 Nov 2017 ScrappySPJ

@igrekkthis deck can't play Strike because it needs Levy.

7 Nov 2017 Ajar

You do have On the Lam! I was surprised in my Day 2 match vs @ff0x to not see OtL, which would have made my life as CtM significantly tougher.

8 Nov 2017 igrekk

@ScrappySPJso it's for Trope!

8 Nov 2017 Nembras

@MikeJS „Was thrilled to see this list do so well, but I think most credit goes to its pilot. #L5Rdrop #neverforget“

+1 to this. Dropping a certain l5r cut (as far as I heard) in order to go and make the cut in netrunner speaks volumes about heinzel‘s skill as a player and his sportsmanlike attitude towards winning. Very well deserved results.

9 Nov 2017 emilyspine

I had my doubts about this list when ff0x described it on the morning of worlds but the proof is in the placing! I tried it out once I got home and loved it: I may be converted from DDM Geist which I've been on for months. Congrats on a great performance.

10 Nov 2017 Mirilu

Gratulations for the 12th place at worlds (with amazing decklists)!!! Go team Germany :D

10 Nov 2017 Inermis

This deck demolished my CtM in last game on day 2 when fighting for TOP cut :) GG WP. Always a pleasure to play with you, Heinzel. Congrats on the performance.