MirrorMorph: Endless Fasterity (2-1 at Vale's Async)

shruthless 76

For some reason I get drawn to complicated IDs. MirrorMorph is my current beau. It has a somewhat bad rep because of the irritating MCA-VMI click denial lists that people run out of it. This is an MCA list too, but the click denial is secondary to the main goal of fast advancing to 7 points before the runner gets to 8.

The strategy is to first get a GFI scored before the value runner has 200 mil in their bank. Then find enough money to FA out 4 more points. Mirrormorph brings a few tools to the table to help with this.

  1. GFI can be FA'd after the MCA has been clicked the third time itself, thanks to the Mirrormorph click.
  2. The Hatman can be Restored from the bin to FA out a 3/2.
  3. RLC can be used to install Hatman and score out a Cyberdex.
  4. You get a one discount during Biotic FA

Tech cards:

  1. Ark Lockdown to either hold off Bin Breakers until the GFI score, or to hit Clot or, more recently Out of the Ashes.
  2. Sadaka to remove either The Turning Wheel or DJ Steve
27 Apr 2022 Jtfq99999

Restore Hatman is a 5c Biotic ? Why not the third copy

27 Apr 2022 Jtfq99999

And the Biotic line gives you the Mirrormorph trigger to do other actions, but should be a credit in this list

27 Apr 2022 shruthless

Biotics clog your hand. Hatman can sit in the bin. Also Hatman allows FA'ing out the 4/2s.

27 Apr 2022 Jtfq99999

Yes, but Restore is the card to compare to, which also clogs your hand like biotics.

27 Apr 2022 shruthless

But Restore is very versatile! Usually you use it to reinstall trashed MCAs, but can bring back NGOs, Border Controls, trashed Spin Doctors and even Sadaka. I rarely find Restore clogging my hand and is many times the target of my Spin reshuffle.

27 Apr 2022 Jtfq99999

I see, that makes sense!