[TWA] Old School Whizzard (Melbourne Regionals 1st Place)

DonutTaganes 2548

This deck carried me through the 2017 Melbourne Regionals without a loss.

It is teched out to beat Moons (Hacktivist Meeting and Maw give you a big help there), and SYNC (Aaron Marrón is the single best card against SYNC. No Salsette Slums, because more action cards gives you a better chance of winning and it's hard to Slums race them anyway.

Faust is still fantastic, and the economy, while stretched pretty thin without Temujin, is still enough to get by, but you have to be very discerning about which of your cards are most important in each matchup. You won't be able to afford to play everything our every game as you draw it, so prioritise carefully and plan ahead!

19 Jun 2017 SneakdoorMelb

This is sweet. Dumble will never die! Did you ever miss Levy?

19 Jun 2017 DonutTaganes

Not really - I use Faust pretty sparingly and try and focus runs later on when centrals are more dense with agendas. Early on I just try and dismantle their game plan and make easy runs, force rezzes etc.

I never really came close to needing the Levy at this tournament - Moons games just aren't that demanding on your cards. Against AgInfusion or other glacier decks, you might feel the pinch though. You'd have to be very careful about your runs in those matchups.

19 Jun 2017 clercqie

No Deja Vu? How do you deal with Aaron getting MCA'd in the SYNC matchup?