Fast Ball - 4-3 World 2022

Diogene 3781

Got most of my wins at World 2022 with this. There was two games that were finished so fast (turn 3 and turn respectively) that I got a 30 minutes break. Allowing me to do Gunslinging (challenging a judge or organizer) and win.

This is a enhanced version of my other similar deck.

Here is some change that I would do : Keep IP Block instead of Wraparound. Wraparound was a meta call that I would encounter 419 with Aumakua, but it did not happen. It does have a better stopping power in the early game, since it is a hard ETR, but it is utterly useless once Paperclip is on the board.

This deck goes very fast, but getting an Apocalypse against it really cut its wings. I feel the 40 cards version might be better, because it goes even faster. Usually, if I get past turn 10 with this deck, unless I'm very lucky, it losses. If you go to 40 cards, cut the Hedge Fund, one Wraparound and the NGO Front.

Of note, because most deck were teched against BOOM! and Drago Ivanov, Neurospike was a good meta call and worked very well for me. Best Defense is really essential to take out Stoneship Chart Room, which is the only real threat to this deck. Nobody use Caldera or No One Home anymore.

Thank you very much for the organizers and judges, who made the event run smoothly. It was even more intense for them than for the players. Congratulation, you are the one who made this competition happen.

Thanks for the amazing games with all my competitors. Winning felt great and losing felt good. This is how it should be.


18 Oct 2022 hemraa

What decks did you win and lose against?

29 Nov 2022 Diogene

@hemraa, the deck lost against Apoc Hoshiko, Reg Lat (with one draw). It won against Esa, Kabonesa, Smoke, Reg Lat.