Fascism- "Three" Ways to Win

Empires 787

This is an original deck I somehow conjured up in my mind a few weeks ago for my beloved Weyland when the spoilers for Old Hollywood came out. I threw it together with some proxies and, WOW, I've been having the time of my life!

This deck, which I've dubbed "Fascism" because you're going to be conquering the Military-Industrial Complex through the support of the people and the media! And weapons of mass destruction. It has been performing tremendously well over the last couple weeks, both in person and online. It's a heart-pounding wild ride which I've had a ton of fun building and piloting, and it's been doing great!

Essentially, my idea was to have "three" ways to win, or at least, have two different focuses for scoring- 1. Score out Atlas to search for more Atlas or Hostile Takeover. 2. Score out Government Takeover partnered with Hollywood Grid. 3. Double Scorched with a cherry on top!

I chose Titan for these strategies due to the higher influence and the synergy with the Atlas-train, High-Risk Investment, and Hostile Takeover + Mark Yale.

The MVPs of this deck are Public Support, Old Hollywood Grid, Mother Goddess, and the Terminator.

Public Support is an AMAZING card. It's extra points for you, points the Runner can't get, and it wastes them 4 credits and the run to trash it. Many of the people I've played against just leave it, which spells them DOOM due to my friends Archer and Terminat-er-Enforcer. If you're kicking off an Atlas-train, it also helps you win faster. Great card.

Old Hollywood Grid is really fun in this deck. Government Takeover, High-Risk Investment, and Oaktown can't be stolen without them trashing this first... and after running through an Archer and a Terminator, they probably don't have the cash. I throw this in my scoring server and R&D.

Mother Goddess is just so wonderful. One game, I installed this and Government Takeover into a server turn one. Runner couldn't get in. I had advanced Takeover enough so that I would win next turn, but I also had Punitives and Scorched in hand, so I win either way. Having the multiple win conditions in this deck is really, really fun! (Yes, I know. Dies to Parasite. Dies to Lightning Bolt. Yadayadayadayada so does everything else.) I LOVE IT.

Enforcer 1.0- THE TERMINATOR- is underrated. The brain damage and program trash really helps, and killing Desperado is always great. Nearly everyone I've played against has been surprised and subsequently wrecked by his inclusion.

ICE mix is up to the user, these are just my personal favorites. 1x Searchlight because advancing it once makes it a nice tax or die.

So yeah. It's been doing great. You can score Government Takeover or the other agendas safely and consistently, or blow them up other wise.

I'm very proud to have created a successful and unique deck AND have a ton of fun with it, and my opponents have been blown away by the deck's ingenuity and different approach to Big W.

Give it a try!

Edit: After feedback, I totally blanked on Geothermal Fracking- swap out Oaktown and put in Fracking. It's a great improvement. Thanks everyone for the support!

13 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

This looks like monstrously good fun - kudos!

How crucial is Oaktown to the Agenda suite? Asking only because of the non-synergy with the ID, and swapping it for Geothermal Fracking might we worthwhile. Of course, Mark Yale means you can use any Agenda Counter, so that might be moot.

13 Aug 2015 CodeMarvelous

I like this a lot

13 Aug 2015 Empires

@CommissarFeesh Wow, that's a great idea! I honestly hadn't considered that, just because I'd been playing Oaktown quite a bit recently, but yes, Geothermal Fracking would do wonders here. The deck occasionally bogs down on money, so Fracking would be a great help. Thanks!

@CodeMarvelous Hehe, me too :)

13 Aug 2015 Saan

There's also the additional benefit with Geothermal in that it if you want money but don't want to eat that much bad pub, you can always sell the counters to Mark for 9 credits.

13 Aug 2015 Empires

@Saan That's also a great point, thanks!

13 Aug 2015 LSK

Have you hit any Film Critics yet? Seems like that card makes it a lot harder for this deck.

14 Aug 2015 Fassbinder

In addition Weyland's colours are only a shade away from German Field Grey. This deck should be played to Primal Scream's "Swastika Eyes", thanks for a wonderful write up, you sold me!

14 Aug 2015 Empires

@LSK No, but I don't see how Film Critic would inhibit me? There aren't any when scored/accessed effects on the agendas that are negative to the Runner

@Fassbinder Hahaha, now I need to create a crayon color called "German Field Grey"! And thank you! Enjoy :)

14 Aug 2015 LSK

Film Critic turns off Old Hollywood Grid.

14 Aug 2015 Empires

@LSK Ah, well that makes sense. Well, I haven't faced it, but Hollywood Grid isn't a necessity. It really just helps the singleton Agendas. You can still Scorch or score out agendas normally.

14 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

Oh dear god... I just realised... High-Risk Investment - Government Takeover - Project Atlas (which seems to be some kind of defense contract)

I'm totally swapping Fracking in and renaming this "Tory Manifesto"

HashtagUKpolitics :P

14 Aug 2015 konradh

If only Titan would add token on Public Sympathy in the score area :(

14 Aug 2015 Heartthrob

Hmmmm, Film Critic + Source + NACH decks take away all 3 avenues to victory. Is there a way for this deck to get around that? That combo is going to cause problems, especially if you can't score a Hostile from hand (or on Old Hollywood) to turn on the good ice.

14 Aug 2015 llama66613

Heh, I've been having tons of success with my own three-pronged victory Titan, though my second method was SanSan FA instead of Gov Takeover. I'm very excited to see Titan being played!

Now, I'm going to be perfectly honest. This deck strikes me as a confusing mishmash of a bunch of different unrelated concepts. The release of Film Critic does seem like a poor time to start using a bunch of cards that are neutered by Film Critic. But if it's been winning, it's been winning, and as I said, I'm happy that anyone is playing my favorite ID.

14 Aug 2015 Empires

@konradh I've wished that sooooooo many times, too :(

@Heartthrob Well, I've never seen anyone play The Source, and NACH is extremely rare (at least in my area), but all decks have a weakness. If Film Critic becomes a problem, I'll probably slot in some Snatch and Grab.

@llama66613 That's honestly what I thought, too (pertaining to the unrelated mishmash), but it seems to work!

14 Aug 2015 Heartthrob

@Empires The Source and NACH and FC is a recent meta shakeup that is giving RP, Midseasons, Argus, SEA and FA decks fits. Gotta be ready for it.

14 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

@Empires - I was going to say go with Contract Killer over Snatch and Grab, but then I remembered dodging a tag doesn't work with S&G - if you avoid the tag the connection gets trashed.

Still worth considering Contract Killer I think though; extra meat damage is always nice ;)

15 Aug 2015 Empires

@CommissarFeesh Haha, I personally love Contract Killer (my BGG Avatar is Contract Killer, in fact!) but I'm not sure if it would work too well in this deck due to the tempo loss.

@NetrunnerDB I got Decklist of the Week?! Wow, thanks guys! It's an honor :)

15 Aug 2015 ctz

+10 for MoGo Magic. It is good

15 Aug 2015 Scud

Needs more Excalibur—hilarious to rez one in front of Old Hollywood Grid.

16 Aug 2015 dpolishsensation

Congrats on getting deck of the week! I got to play against this at Tower of Games last week. :)

16 Aug 2015 Empires

@Scud I actually considered Excalibur in here! May find room for it in a later iteration.

@dpolishsensation Thanks! I had a ton of fun playing against you guys! :)

17 Aug 2015 Basique

Do you have enough money ? It seems very low to me. Also, do you really need three seasource ? That seems a little bit overkill...

17 Aug 2015 Empires

@Basique Yes, I find the deck makes enough money. If you don't, yucca always change it up :) And I put in three because I like the draw consistency of three copies in decks. Someone on the BGG Forums asked if I really needed three Archers; well, I don't plan on rezzing all three, but I like to almost always see one in any given game.

17 Aug 2015 Empires

*you can :P Autocorrect, I swear. Either way, the amount copies of a card you put in the deck is up to you, but I almost always like to put in three in decks I build.

18 Aug 2015 Bandura

@Empires, my apologies, but I am not buying some of it. Most of all, the Mother Goddess love:

"Mother Goddess is just so wonderful. One game, I installed this and Government Takeover into a server turn one. Runner couldn't get in. I had advanced Takeover enough so that I would win next turn"

Even with 2 Hedge Funds, you gave the runner at least four turns to find a solution to Mother Goddess (more turns to have a flatline threat). I would not bet against them doing an Inside Job, or finding any AI breaker, or Parasite+Datasucker for example. Or just having wild fun with Medium for 4-5 turns.

18 Aug 2015 xarlstaunzund

It was pointed out already that Film Critic turns off Old Hollywood Grid. It's also notable that it turns off Punitive Counterstrike, which can be a big deal when trying to score Government Takeover. Otherwise, it does look like a lot of fun!

18 Aug 2015 llama66613

I've been thinking about it a lot, and I just do not get Enforcer. It's subroutines aren't nearly as nasty as Archer, can be clicked through, and it's less strong to boot! Of course, it's 3 less to rez, but when it successfully lands Archer gives you back 2 anyway. So is it really worth 2 influence a pop for some extra discount disappointing mini-Archers? I really doubt it.

23 Aug 2015 Adam500

@Empires I want to play a version of this with 2 S&G slotted to deal with Film Critic, but not sure what to remove. Suggestions?