Midrange Sports - 2nd at Chatteris SC

RotomAppliance 2876

This is the Sports deck I took to 2nd place at the SC today. It went 5-2, beating Hoshiko, Steve, 419, Steve and Tao, and losing twice to Tao. It's a classic midrange HB deck, something I haven't played since EtF days, able to rush or turtle up depending on the matchup, with a Biotic as a potential closer now that we have 4 x 3/2 agendas. While it seems unlikely to me that this can be as good as Palana, it actually felt better in testing and I was satisifed with its performance on the day.

Against Anarch and Shaper the plan is to go fast, with the qualifier that you need to look out for your Shaper apponents playing Apoc, or apparently DoF. The anarch matchup feels especially good with Gatekeeper and Hagen providing good rush potential and your bioroids costing about a million credits to break. Against Crim, you normally have to slow down a bit and play patiently using Campaigns and icing up to block up Turtle, run events, Steve triggers etc.

Skunkworks is a little better than it looks, turning Drafter into a relevant ice for keeping the runner out sometimes by recurring it. It's worse than Ash but can do some things Ash can't, like defending against Dof, apocalypse, Stargate or even just Dirty Laundry. If wanting to include the third Spin Doctor, the Bio Vault seems the obvious cut, but it was one of the best cards on the day, often providing that extra bit of stopping power to lock the runner out completely or defend against a Turning Wheel dig. Tranquility Grid was also excellent and provided ridiculous value in almost every game.

I expected Ansel to be just inferior to Fairchild 3.0, but being a sentry provided its own niche, allowing for more sentry stacking against Bukhgalter and providing a nice third ice for a remote after codegate + barrier gearcheck.

There are so many options for changes if you want a particular thing - second Biotic, Archived Memories, second CVS, MCA Austerity Policy to name a few.

Thansk to Serenity for running the event and Aki for streaming. Congrats to rotage on winning.