AR FA CtM (5-1, 12th Swiss, Amer Continentals 2021)

Saja_PL 153

First, I'd like to thank the Nisei team for organizing the tournaments and keeping the title alive.

My opponents; Quercia, Scorpi, YsengrinSC, atc123, a_suri, encoder for your patience and understanding.

Another simple plan. Take care of the economy. Install SanSan City Grid/Lady Liberty. Point AR-Enhanced Security, Project Beale, Tomorrow's Headline. When the opponent decides to play "full tag me" then you have two options: BOOM! or Exchange of Information. GG.

30 Aug 2021 boreira

The Legend

30 Aug 2021 g4rr3t

The classic

31 Aug 2021 boreira

Legendary Stoned44_PL