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Welcome to prison, would you like to run? I don't think that would be a good idea.

Do not be fooled by this being a prison deck, your goal is to score out and that should be your focus, more than putting the runner in a prison. How will we accomplish that? By putting the runner in a prison of course.

The Gameplan

Spam out as many assets as you can every turn. There are no dead draws, besides agendas early game for which drudge work exists. You want to ice HQ and R&D with ansels or ravanas ideally. A single ice is often enough barring bypass.

The Prison

Front Company with MCA Austerity Policy means that the runner will have 2 clicks to deal with your asset spam. Warm Reception helps you spam them faster while derezzing your Working Prototype which helps you obtain economical gas as well as bouncing the runner's resources, with the right ordering of rezzing and derezzing, it is possible to bounce a resource every single turn from an average amount of assets on the board.

However, the runner still has two clicks each turn, that's not good! Enter Trieste Model Bioroids. Now, if you have all centrals iced, the runner is forced to click through your bioroids. This often leads into them ending their turn. Nobody wants to eat these bioroid subs. Sure, they can bounce off some of them, that is where Warden Fatuma comes in. Now they are guaranteed to lose their entire turn clicking through a bioroid. No longer can steal Ikawahs from centrals either, we can take our time doing whatever we want.

The Lines

MCA Austerity Policy from 2 counters at start of turn allows you to FA a 5/3. But should you really do that? The answer is no. You let a MCA cook until you have another MCA on the board (or you can restore it in the same turn and click it). Often enough, it is fine to just put an agenda on board in this scenario. We need to keep the runner pinned to allow more scoring windows.

Lady Liberty is not a cute include, it is absolutely broken here. Warm Reception helps us derez it to keep it perpetually on 3 counters and only rez when you are scoring an agenda AFTER your start of turn triggers are done. It is also possible to score 2 3 pointers in the same turn! MCA on 2 counters, do both actions on it, then click subliminal, you now have 6 clicks and can do the action on Lady Liberty twice.

Only have 1 Trieste Model Bioroids on the board? No problem! Derez it using Warm Reception so that no matter what ice the runner runs, it will be there, haunting them forever.

Card Choices

Drudge Work is absolutely mandatory. Dealing with agenda flood is important when you don't need them in HQ. I've seen some other people on Bladderwort which I feel does not accelarate your gameplan at all and forces us to play a certain way. It maybe does 2 net damage at best over the course of the entire game, Doesn't really help much beyond that. Cohort Guidance Program is another one I've seen people run and it just does not fit here. Maybe it helps you filter some card draw but the thing is, there are no dead draws with this deck, you dump everything out on the board while trying to pad your hand a bit so that it's not all agendas. We don't need it to help score out either so it's a waste of 2 influence.

On the other hand, hitting a Ganked! is just game ending. I used to be on Federal Fundraising but that felt like win more while Ganked! is win now.

Malia Z0L0K4 is absolutely a mandatory include. You can blank Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga and Arruaceiras Crew on encounter which can possibly be game ending.

Nanoetching Matrix feels like a win more card, you're often swimming in econ with Working Prototype and your ID ability alone if you manage your clicks well, there hasn't been a single game where I have fell into an economical hole in about ~40 testing games outside of my own misplays. If the runner is in a hole, you have all the time in the world to recover on your own terms.

Shapers are too slow to set up, crim is in the gutter right now, reg anarch is absolutely beatable, mulch is the only problem but we'll let SBT deal with that.

AlPi did really great at Fly to EMEA with a similar deck, you can find here.

Thanks to doomrat for the deck idea which I spent the entire week cooking. Truly kept me up all night. The deck is a bit of a headache to pilot especially since I was on Federal Fundraising before but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. I don't think I've truly enjoyed any deck as much as this ever!

On to the next NPE deck.

31 Mar 2024 Council


31 Mar 2024 thebigunit3000

(just making sure you got the entire message)

31 Mar 2024 NotAgain

I will stop posting in there when Rubicon rotates.

31 Mar 2024 rongydoge

this sparks joy

1 Apr 2024 Mordeqai

I knew the final iteration would come soon. You definitely found out how to best spend the 6 influence from Bladderwort, and I didn't even consider Drudge Work! Kudos!

1 Apr 2024 Mordeqai

(But hey give proper credit where it's due ;)

2 Apr 2024 Dave976

This list is gross. We need a Restore ban immediately.

2 Apr 2024 holzpubbnsubbe

I told you to put this 6ft underground! (How nice of you to censor my name there, but I want the world to know: I AM AGAINST THIS) ;-)

I will copy this deck and whenever I see you lfg as a runner I. WILL. MAKE. YOUR. DAY. slotting Marathon I guess...

4 Apr 2024 aultoizee

When I played MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration, people said it's a cool identity. Now when I play it, they ask if I am playing a prison.