Powers of Three

Frost 506

I wanted to play CTM so I brought CTM.

I wanted to do something a little different with it so I did something a little different.

Make oodles of money and eventually SEA Source + Exchange the opponent out of the game, multiple times if necessary. If they're refusing to run, SIU them instead.

Double preemptive because this deck cannot win without the operations and tagging the runner.

Consulting Visit because having your choice of tag punishment is fun! Although the TEMPO! from Team Sponsorship is also fun.

The name comes from that all of the money assets give you three credits at a time.

Powers of three

20 May 2019 Tamijo

You were on CBG! Did you just not see one all game against me?

Love this deck. Might have to steal bits of it.

21 May 2019 Frost

Yeah, just didn't see any. It happens sometimes, I guess.

The deck is pretty fun: setting up SIX drip credits from assets feels really good.

Considering maybe it's better to go comrades style with 3 QPM instead?