Spooned Hoshiko (2nd out of 34 @DomeCon, 4 - 4)

5N00P1 833

This is my Hoshiko build that carried me to a 2nd place (out of 34) at DomeCon 2020 together with my Casion Station. This deck went 4 - 4 (3 - 3 in Swiss and 1 - 1 in the top 3 cut).
It's based on Cable Carnages Spooned Hoshiko he was playing at German Nats I was planning to play it too, so now I took my chances. I don't like to play 3 Stimhack, they usually kill each other so I tweeked the deck a bit and included one EMP Device as my spice against Glacier (do I really need it?) so these Earth Station: SEA Headquarters with 6 ICE on a Server can at least rez only 1 and I can recur it with Harmony AR Therapy.
The plan is simple, make money kill their ICE, try to Stargate them early keep Stargating them. With Hippo & Spooned you are able to kill 2 ICEd Server with the correct ICE placement which is really nice and Engolo let's you contest Servers early. The deck can be really rich, when you get your Keiko & one companion engine running & Trickster Taka makes sense to be able to use Engolo for cheap. Chisel for weak ICE like Kakugo, Tour Guide or Afshar on HQ or a strength 0 Gatekeeper. And this way Harmony AR Therapy allows you to recur Spooned & Chisel.

The deck was ok. I didn't play against a single glacier! Which is not true, but I stole 2x Vanity in turn 3 against one of these tower Earth Station: SEA Headquarters. Won against Asa with False Lead, Hard-Hitting News & BOOM!, Won against PE with 9 points in Archives. Otherwise I lost in time (4 - 0) to an Argus having 4 points in Archives. lost against Gagarin with False Lead and PE with Junebug. In the top cut I won against Titan & lost to this Gagarin again. You could say it was a wrong meta call... (or I got the wrong matchups) but I still enjoyed playing it. I was using hippo 1x during the whole day.... Thank you to all my opponents, it was a lot of fun playing you!

10 Feb 2020 adquen

Only one chisel, no Simulchip, no SMC ... interesting call.

10 Feb 2020 5N00P1

it's a different kind of ICE trashing. First versions didn't run Chisel at all, but Afshar on HQ can be an issue, or Akhet

10 Feb 2020 Skandrino

You don't need 2x HART, would swap one out for an SMC, saving 7 credits when getting Engolo out with Stimhack (or tutor Chisel/Stargate) is important I think

11 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@Skandrinothis is a really difficult question! I never used Harmony AR Therapy once during 8 games. I trashed one ICE the whole day. I would say it was the wrong deck for the day. But what would have happened if I need to play some of the other decks?
I think exchanging 1 HART for an SMC might be a good call as it can act as your 3rd Engolo.

16 Feb 2020 Anzekay

ooh I love the use of HART here, really pleased to start seeing people experiment with it, even if it doesn't always work out

17 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@AnzekayI love HART too, but it's to slow currently.