Leela ain't dead yet (3rd at Vienna SC Jan/2018)

Rodge 47

It's mostly standard Criminal setup, credit for this deck goes to: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/46777/comrades-leela-kos-first-place-

I took this to 3rd place at: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/910/store-championship-siren-games

For me, I can't go with single breakers without "Special Order" being in the deck. Getting locked out because of not being able to find a breaker was not part of my game plan. I've played "Aenas Informant" before, but I find that it falls flat against too many opponents. So all 3 had to come out, which I replaced with 1xMongoose and 2xSpecial Order.

In Swiss, I won my first two matches 2-0, with Leela beating Skorpios (praise Sac Con!) and NEXT Design. ID'ing the 3rd and 4th rounds, Leela did beat another Skorpios and a CTM in the friendly games we played (always killing any DBS I saw - I need those agendas to come to his hand....). So 4-0 in Swiss.

In double elimination, I choose to play Leela against the 2nd Skorpios I beat. But a much faster start by him saw me lose fairly quickly.

Runner again in the losers bracket, I was pitted against a scary CI "no servers" kill deck. Winning 4-0 in points, my opponent was almost ready to unleash his Brain Rewiring/Show of Force kill combo. He spent 5 minutes planning, before deciding he couldn't do it this turn. Counting out 7 cards in R&D, he just played Ultraviolet Clearance and prepared to dispose of me next turn. Normally, Fisk Investment Seminar is not a good card to play v CI, but with only 3 cards left in R&D - it turned out to be the perfect time, and I was into the losers final... which I lost with corp, but these things happen :)

So, this played out to a 5-1 result over the day.

With the death of Jackson, Fisk/Gang Sign/HQ Interface is a superb combo with Leela's ability against most corps that starts too slowly.

29 Jan 2018 Krasty

@Rodge: yeah, my plan for our second (top cut) game of the day was really easy -> score as fast as possible (to not fill hand with agendas)

And plan was fullfilled! :o)
3 Feb 2018 shanodin

She's dead to me in this form.