Border MTI (2nd 2018 Australian Nationals) - Wilfy Horig

crushedguava 188

Piloted by Wilfy Horig to 2nd in the recent 49 player Australian Nationals.

With Australian Nats being the first big tournament after Worlds/Magnum Opus, the main focus was on CTM on the corp side. However, it was announced that not only all the recently released Champs cards would be legal, but even the 2 community cards as well - Watch The World Burn and Hired Help.

CTM had always felt weak to me, and too many top players seem to be able to easily beat it. Eventually I decided that unless you are Chris Dyer, CTM was probably not the deck to play.

MTI was a solid choice, especially with Border Control, and took Wilfy to 2nd place (it did not do so well for me unfortunately). The main decision was whether Border Control was better than Fairchild 3.0 in the 3inf slot.

Hired Help is an interesting card. Initially everyone was worried it would be broken, but in play, this is not the case.

-Hired Help is best early, in which case it goes on HQ and you don't have to ICE HQ. In this situation, the Runner needs to steal an agenda from either RnD or the remote, after which you can just trash the agenda to go into HQ to trash Hired Help.

-Hired Help later on is not overpowered, and goes onto HQ if the Runner hasn't stolen any agendas yet, or becomes another click taxer in the remote, which works well with Border Control.

A quick aside on Border Control: This card felt realllly good in testing. Both in MTI and Argus lists, for slightly different reasons.

-Essentially, it gives Corp a powerful threat card that has not existed since the recent MWL restricted Surveyor (which should not have been restricted), but is sorely necessary.

-Good Runner decks piloted by good players currently were always too rich for the corp and at least half-a-turn to a turn ahead. Border Control in MTI gives MTI a chance to squeeze the game out much earlier before the Runner can establish an overwhelming advantage.

-In Argus, it singlehandedly re-enables the Argus kill decks due to how it interacts with Data Raven. Border Control makes playing Corp actually feel fun again, and in my opinion, should NOT be restricted.

-Corp cards cannot be restricted just because they feel 'unfair'. Runners are way better at playing 'fair' netrunner than Corps are, hence why Corps need a good 'unfair' card to retain parity.