gilesdavis 350

The newest and hottest runner to hit the streets and servers of New Angeles, introducing to you... Wupex.

Have I tested this list? No. No, I haven't. Was it the result of a long and arduous process of theorycrafting and meta analysis? Fuck no, who has the time for that shit, I built this in ~4 minutes.

But we all know that while everyone's favourite flying noodle monster isn't (and hasn't really ever been) a strong identity, Apex's cards are the strongest in the game. Therefore I'm confident this list will be tier 1.2 minimum.

5 Nov 2022 gilesdavis

Whoops, swap 3x diesel for 3x Spec Work, obvs <3

5 Nov 2022 Buppu2099

The only way to built a deck.

Nailed it.

5 Nov 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Iā€™m here for the Prey!

5 Nov 2022 knorpule3000

Reboot Shop is sooo nice -- dunno why that card is 5 inf though.

6 Nov 2022 gilesdavis

Right?! I considered 3 Prey instead, but firing multiple Prey would be tricky. Plus Reboot is a super rad card šŸ˜„