Lady of Jinja City

Diogene 3941

Jinja City

Tempo is the name of the game. It is almost a fast advance deck, but not quite.

Jinja City Grid and Arella Salvatore let you put ices and agenda or NGO Front clicklessly.

Further tempo will come from Red Level Clearance and Violet Level Clearance.

Finally, each agenda scored or stolen will give you either draw or money.

The spicy part of the deck is Rime, which make ices more difficult to break. Also, Enforcer 1.0 is very much underused. But with so many 1 point agendas, it gives a nasty surprise to a runner. And at 1 credit to rez, it won't break your back.

This is pretty interactive and amusing, without being difficult to run. A good deck to teach the use of tempo cards without doing fast advance.