Quid Pro Quo

ain 6

One tag for every bad pub, because FUCK YOU!

I've found Snares to be quite underwhelming when trying out Supermodernism. Using the influence for Midseasons instead of SEA Source and Snares enables traffic accident and makes the deck much more lethal. GRNDL definitely has the money to back up Midseasons. Just an idea I haven't seen before.

21 Jul 2015 llama66613

Seems like a cool deck. GRNDL means midseasons is a threat right from the start of the game. Nice!

21 Jul 2015 Trypios

very hard to land, as midseasons is a 2of and you run no jacksons to draw it quickly. I saw the Anonymous tips....still very situational to land the midseasons

21 Jul 2015 ain

@Trypios Don't forget about Project Atlas. Scoring an early Atlas is this decks signature opening. If you look at the original Supermodernism list it only runs a single SEA Source and can land it consistently.

Jackson is not in the deck because spending a whole turn to shuffle around your hand is too much of a tempo loss.

That's also why I put in two Midseasons. With no Jackson and no other influence for recursion you can now afford to get one of them trashed.

22 Jul 2015 Trypios

Still, situational. IMO grndl is the worst of the all corp IDs. Weyland postmodernism suffers anyways, this id could be of better use as a rush deck. The infl thought is too low to allow for rush pieces. I saw the fast tracks but still, i believe it would work better in any other W ID with normal infl.

22 Jul 2015 ain

@Trypios I'm not sure I get what you're saying. This is a rush deck. What do you mean by 'rush pieces'? The Agendas in this deck fund themselves, there is plenty of cheap binary ICE and 2 copies of fast track. I can't think of any cards you would need to import from other factions to pursue the rush plan.

Other Weyland IDs definitely can't score as quickly as this can while also threatening the flatline.

22 Jul 2015 Trypios

I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend you or diminish your deck. Just an opinion. rush pieces are cards like Green Level Clearance, Blue Level Clearance, Jackson Howard can't fit in this deck due to lack of infl. Project atlas is hard to overadvance, so it get's more play in Titan, otherwise in most Weyland decks is installed and next turn triple adv for a simple 3/2. Runners nowadays are pretty rich and 5cr starting boost is not much. That's why all the killing Green cards see play in yellow decks or just Blue Sun. I really tried making this ID work but it always fails against a good runner that knows his stuff.

22 Jul 2015 ain

No offense taken. The clearances would help a bit, sure. But with Weylands Agenda suite I don't think card draw is an issue. Every agenda doubles as either economy or a tutor for the next agenda/midseasons, so you can click for cards with impunity.

Jackson Howard is not a rush card. He requires pretty much an entire turn to do his job. You don't have time for that.

Overadvancing Atlas isn't an issue at all. You only need one token to threaten the flatline at which point the runner often can't run at all for a while.

You're right about runners being rich, but they require a lot of time to match your credit pool, and that's where you can score your first 5 points and prepare for the endgame.