Startup AoT: Architect of Two Remotes

shruthless 63

I was looking at the Startup data from the last JNet dump and thought I'd play around with a few of the underused IDs.

Startup Corp Stats

Only these 4 Corp IDs had <2000 games: 1. Hyoubu (396 games) 2. Weyland BaBW (686 games) 3. Jinteki RH (1501 games) 4. HB AoT (1584 games)

I'm not a Jinteki player (but check out this impressive Hyoubu build: And BaBW didn't really excite me. So I took a shot at AoT. While it is obviously not as strong as PD or even MirrorMorph, it has held up quite well in casual JNet play.

The basic idea is to still build a Skunk-Void glacier while protecting the relevant centrals (very commonly R&D). Because of the AoT ability, it can be a lot cheaper to rez all the ice and the remote can get taxing very quick. The star of the show is Fully Operational - both to keep the econ going and for the cards to fuel Anoetic. To fully exploit it, you should get a second remote going asap. Your Spins and Nicos go into the second remote.

One thing to note, Bass CH1R180G4 is a Bioroid and can be rezzed using the ID ability. So it can be in the scoring server for a free Vitruvius or Luminal score from hand.

The deck is quite good against run-happy crims, as they trigger the ID frequently. But it is vulnerable to ice destruction. If you are bored playing the PD Seamless-Score rinse repeat game, try AoT for a slightly different challenge!

Deck improvement suggestions are very welcome!