Moira's Delivery Service (5th @ Bromley Regional)

Frost 506

There are no frills with this deck, it's effectively the 419 Apocalypse deck (see here) but with some updates for Reign & Reverie, shoehorning in some Bankrolls, and swapping out an Employee Strike for a DDoS.

Very standard criminal affair, you can find out how to play it in the linked deck. I didn't expect this deck to do well either, but it managed a respectable 3-2 in the swiss. To be frank, 419 is basically better than Ken Tenma in almost every way, but just like my corp side, it's a pet ID of mine which I decided to bring to the last UK regional as a janky last hurrah. The way to take advantage of Ken Tenma is to leverage the extra two influence, which in this case meant an extra DDoS. It could easily have been an Eater, it depends on how daring you're feeling: DDoS gives you more explosive plays and even more tricks to get into servers, while Eater lets you get off an Apocalypse or recharge your Aumakua, no matter what.

The deck could definitely do with some more playtesting and tuning (I threw it together mostly at the last minute). Some cards I'd like to try are Möbius (gives multiple turtle counters for one click, and is +5 credits with Ken's ID ability), High-Stakes Job (good with DDoS, though might not be necessary; money is usually not the problem), and whether or not a console is actually worth it (probably either Doppelgänger for Apocalypse turns and more turtle counters, or Paragon).

Round 1 vs CTM: Keeping CTM poor is very useful, so when they opened with Commercial Bankers Group, and I didn't have enough money to start clearing tags, it meant it was time to go tag-me already. After some back and forth, and an Apocalypse happening, they managed to Psychographics for the win.

Round 2 vs The Outfit: You can't play this deck and not run, that's for sure. Dirty Laundry and Sure Gamble brings you to 13 credits after the first turn, but it still isn't enough if your opponent then goes Econ Warfare - Econ Warfare - HHN. I died two turns later after they didn't have the HPT in hand, but then drew into it. It was a calculated risk (I tell myself).

Round 3 vs CTM: They had a slower start this time; I still ended up going tag me a few turns in after a HHN, but the true turning point was when they were caught out by an Apocalypse they didn't expect. Many single accesses later, I got to 7 points and won.

Round 4 vs Mti: Try not to be scared — the worst that can happen is that they'll deal you some net damage (and pay loads of credits for the privilege). I realised a few turns later that the actual worst that can happen is that they'll deal you 3 net damage and make you lose 6 credits with DNA Tracker. Whoops. Still, I managed to Apocalypse when they were gearing up to score and single accesses got me to 7 points.

Round 5 vs Mti: Pretty much the same affair, though this time Sneakdoor Beta was the game-changer. After an Apocalypse, they had managed to seal up HQ again, but archives was defended by a lone Excalibur. Sneakdoor Beta managed to snipe 5 agenda points from HQ over the course of a couple of turns.

In the cut vs Skorp: Uh oh. I had no idea how to play this matchup going in, and it showed. Ice Walls kept me out of centrals with no hope of charging up the turtle, and they were very prepared for Apocalypse, triple icing archives, and double icing R&D. I ended up drawing all three Apocalypsesbefore drawing any tricks to get in, but by then, it was much too late and I was pretty much just locked out.

Some favourite moments:

  • Catching out the CTM player in round 3. An extremely brief look of despair flashed across their face. Sorry Mike!
  • The Round 5 apocalypse was so expected they started preparing to clear their board before I even ran archives.
  • Bankroll for 12 credits. Awww yeah. ?

I hope you enjoyed this surprising appearance of Ken Tenma for the UK's last regional! For the corp side, SPARK(!!!) see here: Yoghurt Shops