Hoyland dek: wine me, dine me, 419 me. 2nd place Preston reg

Cacoethesvictor 983

As the name suggests this isn’t my deck and all credit should go to @cerberus who as usual on our testing evening a few days before regional took a conversation we had about decks and built this monster. I think we changed maybe 3 cards after testing 2 or 3 games with it. Following euros Dave and I decided that apocalypse Val was probably our weaker side and some of the games had been more effort than they were worth. With sad siphon coming out in Kampala ascendent it was natural we were always going to try it out. 419 seemed the obvious choice, his ability helps early game aggression which this deck is all about. It was only a small jump from there to playing apocalypse to catch people out. First, this deck isn’t easy to play. It’s very reactive to the situation of the board state of your opponent. Early game is criminal aggro single accesses are always good. Then after you get bored with the corp game and their silly remotes just hit the reset button. You’ll spend lot of your time drawing.. You’re playing 3 special orders as you want a turtle early. Those single accesses, falsified credentials and 419 will build up counters pretty quick. You’ll also have a good idea of the ice they are playing through single accesses and 419 ability. Femme is there for Turing and that is largely it. If they’re playing 2, you have Ddos, inside job and the ability to access remotes without apocalypse. If they want to purge every other turn you have dean listed. But if they are doing that, you are definitely winning. Inside job and maxwell are particularly good in the rush match up. Since you need no breakers. No one expects more than 2 inside job and you’re playing 4 if you count Ddos. Embezzle is in there for CTM and is nearly always operations. Sneakdoor as always is MVP- everyone still forgets about it and gets you a cheaper apoc turn. Drive by is excellent vs CTM, but also against those decks playing the remote game and catches a lot of people out. CTM is the only deck it lost to on the day (both dave and I playing it), and I think overall that match up is very draw dependent and 50/50. Other cards for consideration are deuces wild, eater, same old thing, bank job, bank roll and hot pursuit. Have fun!

6 Jul 2018 CodeMarvelous

This deck is incredible!

6 Jul 2018 Grimwalker

I legitimately LOL’d at this deck title.

6 Jul 2018 Ebrey

Would you add in any Paragons or Bankrolls with R&R?

6 Jul 2018 Cacoethesvictor

Bankrolls definitely helps with CTM. Paragon I’ve discussed. Hard to see it fitting in 3, which it would really need. Zamba may be better...

6 Jul 2018 Cerberus

I'll need to test Paragon but I'm skeptical of it due to Apoc. Bankroll could be good but I also think Bank Job could be good in a lot of the tough match ups.

It is good to be back playing Criminal!

7 Jul 2018 kollapse

What would be the potential cuts for Bankroll/Bank Job?

7 Jul 2018 Cerberus

A Career Fair a Dean, maybe Femme for me though no Femme is high risk. Drive by is fairly flex.

8 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

Isnt spear phishing better than inside job with mti out?

8 Jul 2018 Cerberus

SP is good against Mti but otherwise IJ is a better card. I don't think it is worth playing a worse card unless you expect a lot of Mti and want to play it as a tech card.

9 Jul 2018 Cacoethesvictor

Also worth saying the deck is playing 3 employee strike for mti. 6 cards to counter it seems excessive