You can't handle the truth King of swiss@Euroafricas 6-2 3rd

Bridgeman 1895

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Shoutout to Sokka and Rustryder for talking sense into me and making me keep stargate and to not be on find the truth

So yes, this is just the Lat Sokka brought to APAC with the following changes:

  • -1into the depths
  • +1 SMC

A lot of counterplay against the deck came from denying Into the Depths, so an unpreventable tutor was needed to compensate.

  • -1Ika
  • +1Na'Not'K

Not sure about this change. This was to stop counterplay against ika in the form of magnet and stacked sentries, but single ice servers with sentries are problematic.

The deck went 5-1 in swiss and 1-1 in the cut. Both losses were to PD, if you don't find the right pieces in time you can get taxed out, but with decent draw I think that matchup is still slightly in your favor.

If you have questions about the deck or the event plz go ahead :)

As always thanks to Nisei for organizing, much appreciated!

Shoutout to all the amazing people from Unband who helped me prepare, love you guys!