3rd place NZ Nationals. The CI7 cookbook example deck (updat

triorph 902

3rd place NZ Nationals. The CI7 cookbook example deck (updated for blood money).

Being the typical combo scum-lord I am, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and play this deck at the NZ nationals. I had a bye from winning this deck undefeated in the Christchurch regionals. Cards were legal up to Blood Money. My runner deck is here.

The CI process in a nut-shell

Don't know how this deck works? Check out the handy articles. The idea is to score 7 points in one turn.






Compared to the previous iteration, I've updated the deck to reflect what I think the runner decks are doing to hate CI. The main cut was -1 cyberdex +1 ELP to help with both rumor mill and employee strike. The other change was to reduce the Turing count for Mother Goddess, as the number of AI breakers is down and the number of code gate breakers is up. Ironically the loss of the cyberdex trial probably lost me the elimination game, but I still stand by it from a deck-building choice (There were other games where it saved me, such as the employee strike whizzard).

After swiss pairings I was ranked first place. I had a Bye, then won against Nexus Andy, won against a regular Andy (through councilman), did an ID (but lost to DLR Maxx when checking to see how it would have gone) and did another ID (and won against Rebirth Andy when checking). My runner was undefeated in the mix of real games and practice ones.

In the cut I won against Multiple Employee Strike Whizzard, and lost against double-vamp CT (with also clot, clone-chip and a single councilman). Unfortunately this game was my only CI7 game on stream and I was unable to make it a win. Robin had a great deck for countering CI7 and he played the match-up flawlessly.