Solid 419 (1st at EMEA Continentals, 6-2)

Django84 182

Pretty standard 419 list that is close to the list NWE used at Fite Nite.

The breaker suite only includes one Aumakua, but thanks to our friendly [delivery guy](Mutual Favor "delivery guy") you still effectively play 3 copies in the matchups were squirtle shines.

The other option is to lean more strongly on Aumakua as in Rotoms list, but then you probably want to include some more credentials / deuces in your deck. As I was scared of virus hate I opted for a more "build your rig"-style approach. I am also not a big fan of Amina in a meta full of Sports / PD and Unity is usually decent at breaking Magnets or the occasional Str-6 Gatekeeper and not much worse at breaking big ice, assuming you got your set of breakers out.

For the tech cards I am not a fan of PolOp, but the Miss Bones were huge all tournament helping to keep the board under control vs. Sports and cleaning out defensive upgrades. I never used the Citadel Sanctuary, but its a good card should CTM become more popular ;-).

Thanks to all of Nisei, the organizers/streamers and my opponents for an amazing two days of netrunner.

23 Aug 2021 Radiant

How do you find the list fares in the sports matchup with so little multi-access?

24 Aug 2021 Django84

Hi, I played 4 Sports decks over the weekend an won 3 of the matches and the lost one was also close, therefore I do think you have a reasonable shot vs Sports (although I did have fortunate accesses in my cut games vs mjp). The Turning Wheel becomes one of your most important cards in the matchup and I certainly would not mind having another multi-access tool, but slots are tight.

You could include either Docklands Pass, Legwork or Jailbreak and cut one of you flex slots (1 Daily Cast, Citadel, maybe one career fair or the inside job). In the end it´s a meta decision and you might gain a few percentages in one matchup at the expense of another matchup.

Against Sports you have to find the right balance between keeping them poor, trashing assets and getting accesses, while still spending some clicks to develop you board, also depending on what cards you draw. I don´t think changing a single card would drastically improve your winrate, but I might be wrong.

17 Sep 2021 Starpunk

I'm pretty new to the game; how do you make do with only 4 breakers + MF? Boomerangs do most of the work?