Publishing this just to post it into Andrejs stream chat

aksu 399

pretty good deck. Win rate is currently 100% against english players that like to oracle for a canadian fam. Seems pretty good. Techs into Loupe, Hoshiko, Freedom, Laamb anarch, Grinder, Good players, Aksus sanity.

9 Jul 2024 Porkobolo

That saisentan in PD is pure evil, i'm so into it!

9 Jul 2024 NotAgain


10 Jul 2024 Council

spinny boopy deck is lamao

10 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun


11 Jul 2024 Santa

-2x Spin Doctor -> +1x Snare!, and also cut 3x Rashida Jaheem for consistency as we’re installing snare T1, perfection 👌

11 Jul 2024 koga


11 Jul 2024 SneakdoorMelb

Can’t believe you leaked the secret tech ahead of interconts

12 Jul 2024 Timylfsdottir

Such an exhilarating read! This article really dives into stimulating gameplay, much like the surprises you find in Monkey Mart. It's all about strategic moves and unexpected twists – just like a good game should be!