Copy/Paste/SYNC - QLD, AUS Regional 1st place

Dazm0 614

Can't argue with the consistency you get from SYNC: Everything, Everywhere right now!

pretty much card for card from my SC winning list with a couple of updates.

Authenticator is awesome! It's the actual ETR that SYNC has needed!

MCA Informant because.... duh

News Team is still good & feels more relevant now because Mad Dash is everywhere. however if Shadow Net becomes more popular, I will definitely swap it out for something else.

Whilst most lists are dropping to 1x Closed Accounts, I decided that sticking with 2 was the right choice as VS a good runner your only out a lot of the time is to 24/7 News Cycle, Closed Accounts and the Hard-Hitting News. So it helps with getting it and if you need to discard it, you get it again.

SanSan City Grid didn't do much work, to be honest, I'm not sure where the influence would be better spent? I prefer the Agenda suite over going to NAPD Contract as it helps to score faster & never really find the NAPD Contract tax relevant in the meta now. Most runners are either dead or able to afford it and win.

Only changes that I would want besides the above is to trade Resistor & Turnpike to 2x Pop-up Window. I found switching Authenticator directly with Pop-up Window really slowed me down econ wise.

Cards on my watch list for the next version are Special Report, Observe and Destroy & Best Defense.

7 Jul 2017 Dazzler

Is one san san city grid enough ? Do you score out that often with it ?

9 Jul 2017 Rhaplanca1001

For that matter, how often do you score out just in general with this deck, or is the Boom! your primary gameplan?

9 Jul 2017 ABushelOfGoats

Looks solid. Given the uselessness of Sansan, why not 1x Lotus Field for 1x Authenticator? Or, alternatively, Swordsman if people are doing Eater shenanigans.

10 Jul 2017 xclement

With SanSan you can score AstroScript in one turn and with that scored: Breaking News and boom from hand.

11 Jul 2017 ABushelOfGoats

@xclement24/7 is cheaper.

12 Jul 2017 Dazm0

@Dazzler you don't use it often, most of the time 24/7 or HHN is enough, however, I felt like I wanted other options and personally felt that it was a better include than NAPD.

@Rhaplanca1001 very rarely scores out, but the option is always there.

@ABushelOfGoats Swordsman could work, not sure if I'd go with Lotus Field.

12 Jul 2017 xclement

I have substituted a MCA Informant with a Best Defence. Get rid of the Plascrete then Boom!

16 Jul 2017 PureFlight

Looks great! Been using Crisium Grid a lot as a 1-inf include in corp decks recently.