[Startup] Built to Fry your Brain

Gaxeco 144


Another fun decklist for Startup with a nice twist while having a pretty sucessful winrate this last weeks (81% on jinteki 21W - 4 L). You have to treat this deck as a Jinteki one, bluffing agendas here and there while melting the Runner brain.

This deck has some cheeky plays:

Discard SDS Drone early -> Fry the runner

Score Send a Message -> Rez THE ICE for FREE

General tips:

This deck has few agendas, you can control them pretty easily since the runner has to steal 3 to win.

Install Advance Advance ALWAYS, you need to keep the Runner guessing everything. Keep him out of the economy game by running your cheap remote.

Keep advancing cards, even agendas, dont score them if you dont need to.