You don't need Pro.Co. to play Hayley – B-COM 6th place

ReinaMorada 144

Yes, the "double install" is definitely my thing!

That's the Hayley list that I played during the Thrid edition of B-COM in Barcelona (45 participants) along with ASA. This is a last minute, untested choice so I'm sure it can be improved, but I'm preatty happy with the general idea. Playing it during the tournament I noticed that 3 copies of Harmony AR Therapy are preatty useless, but you absolutely need more currents: Scarcity of Resources is a beast! So maybe 1x Armony, 1x Interdiction and an extra Deus X is the way...?

Once again, many many thanx to ChaosIsMe who created both the crazy ASA list and this deck (my only improvement was the idea to include Deus X).

9 Mar 2020 Havvy

I saw this deck on stream and loved the look of it! Congratulations on 6th place!

9 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

Thank you :) And if you have any idea on how to improve it, please share it!

10 Mar 2020 Pinsel

Congrats on 6th place!

I think what you are looking for is in the groove :)

11 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

That's a great idea! I tried it yesterday in a couple of games and already love it! Thank you so much! :)

11 Mar 2020 Havvy

I've been playing about with this deck with In The Groove too! I've used some influence to have Street Peddler to try speed things up / synergie with ITG too!

Really enjoying playing this deck, thanks for sharing it!

11 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

Glad to hear that! Also, the Street Peddler seems great, I really like the idea. I'm just curious... What did you have to cut out to get the influence for it?

11 Mar 2020 Havvy

I had cut the Hostage and DJ Fenris, which I wasn't 100% happy with. I find myself a lot of the time running with 2 Tech Traders, however it hasn't seemed like an issue? I would love to find spare for DJ Fenris though.

12 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

Does the deck still work fine without the DJ? I'm a bit worried about losing speed, but I'd like to have your feedback :)

12 Mar 2020 Havvy

I've always been nervous of 'one off' cards. The Boomerang seem to do a lot of early pressure, and the Street Peddler feels really good too. I have played a few games and still getting my head around the piloting of it, but it feels really flexible and not as slow as the usual Aesop Hayley.

If you use Slack, I'm on there as Havvy if you want to talk about what I'm using more?

14 Mar 2020 ReinaMorada

I don't have slack :(

16 Mar 2020 vesper

Congrats once more and thank you so much for coming to our corner of the woods and making the event great with your whole group!