F is for Flip

tiedyedvortex 4788

F is for flip, that's the way this deck plays,
It allows you to win in so many ways!

F is for Flip, like you do with The Tank
Noise will think this a truly great prank.
MaxX and her Keyhole will surely feel blue,
As you reshuffle your Archives and say, "Start round two".
Take back your Hedge Funds, Restructures and Tricks
Double your income and score points out quick!

F is for Flip, and The Brewery's fine,
At turning the runner into a flat line.
PsyField and K-dog put the runner in check,
Then barrels of yeast blow them to heck.
Those vats full of...who-knows? will bid them good-night
After Mushin , advance, Cerebral Overwrite.

F is for Flip, what the The Greenhouse will do,
when you single-turn score a Nisei Mark Two.
But the single best play, high-risk but high gain,
Is super-advancing a Trust full of Brains.
Five advancements is good, but Seven is best:
Mushin puts it down, Greenhouse does the rest.

If that's not enough, you can Resequence some Genes,,
Stack a counter on top of those brains or psy-queens.
TFP keeps your agenda density low,
but if too much is stolen, PE's ready to go.

Small Ice or big, with no middle ground,
Pop-up gives you the coin to bring Heimdall around.
That Braintrust discount makes it super cheap,
To Flare up their console and make runners weep.
Some Shapers feel clever, running with Sage,
Cortex Lock them back into the Stone Age.
Paper Wall gives you a window to score,
then gets out of the way when you're ready for more.

This deck is a killer, a real mind-eraser,
But it also works well as FA or Glacier.
Flexibility here is the key driving force,
With Biotech, that's just a matter of course.
Keep them guessing all game, and you'll have lots of fun.
If you use this, please let me know if you won!

17 Apr 2015 Ber

'tis a thing of beauty!

17 Apr 2015 Alsciende

Beautiful :-)

17 Apr 2015 Flatline

Give this man a medal!

17 Apr 2015 Dydra

Is this deck real? Or it's just for the rhymes ;)

17 Apr 2015 Disaster Area

WERD! ;-)

17 Apr 2015 tiedyedvortex

It is indeed real, though I confess my mistake,
8 advancements is more than Braintrust should take.
It isn't like Atlas, with one per one over,
So I realized the ice mix could use a do-over.
I took out the Heimdall and Paper Wall too;
Three Eli 1.0, instead, would quite nicely do.
With fixed deck at the ready, I faced Edward Kim,
It was close, but finally I flatlined him.
He stole three agendas, and my hand he sure mangled,
Which made it easy to TrickLight, Philotic Entangled.
It more testing, of course--what deck doesn't?
But making this deck as a joke? Nope, I wasn't.

17 Apr 2015 BaronZilar

@tiedyedvortex This is the single most amazing thing I have ever seen.

17 Apr 2015 TheTick

Well, we can all go home. Tiedyedvortex just won the internet.

24 Apr 2015 Neofstrife

I love how you used the ID to great effect and how you compliment every flip side perfectly. I was worried that the ID was more a joke ID but i felt it could be really good ID if built right. Thank you for coming up with the deck :D

19 Jun 2015 lgbiteman

Play this deck,

and if you pilot it just right,

your opponent, the table,

flip it, they might...

11 Oct 2015 Drago_13

This deck is very nice, I'm glad I finally found a deck which can actually utilise all three different abilities as a viable option. However, isn't this deck too light on economy? I found myself struggling to get to 10 credits so restructures just sat dead in HQ.

I'm going to try -1 Flare -3 Restructure +1 Swordsman +3 Back Channels

Think Back Channels would do nicely here.

13 Aug 2016 skybolt

This gave me a 2nd turn kill: Installed Komainu on R&D, runner ran on it and suddenly had an empty hand. On turn two I flipped the Brewery and put him at -2 cards in hand. End of line. Moral? Don't face-check Jinteki.

2nd round I got my butt handed to me, couldn't rez anything and had no money. Oh wellz.