Sending in the Pinkertons (3rd @ Berlin Startup CO)

Girometics 2512

Like most corps in this startup boat meta, this is an extremely oppressive deck that, on the day, only lost one game to time (and frankly, bad luck @awildturtok:P).

With the introduction of Fujii Asset Retrieval, running Punitive Counterstrike is finally an actually feasible option in RH (RIP Kakurenbo, my beloved), and we can abuse this even more by making Archives actually untouchable using a mix of Anemone, Bathynomus and Nanisivik Grid in addition to putting a bullet in their head if they somehow manage to survive that onslaught of net damage.

We use SanSan to score out Regenesis, which is largely protected by it's high trash cost, as the runner should know that they will also need to keep up in both card and money if they hope to survive the Punitives. In the worst case, one ice in front of it should drive the trash costs high enough that they think twice.

Otherwise, focus on protecting centrals (while trying to keep your credits up), as these are the only places from which this deck can lose, so we need to make every run hurt (financially).