Geist Tier 1

beyoken 6079

26 Sep 2017 evilgaz

Lovely deck Ben. How do you do against taggy decks? I'm thinking NBN with IP Block that hates turtles, and other things. Although Boom isn't so much of an issue, the lack of tag avoidance means keeping even one tag puts your resources at risk.

Also, Scarcity of Resources seems strong against this sort of deck - is one current enough if they get that up early?

26 Sep 2017 Saan

Hah, in the test game he did of this deck on stream, his opponent threw up a Scarcity the first turn, and Ben almost conceded on the spot. He played out the game for posterity's sake, but still somehow managed to win, although he got super lucky on a couple random R&D accesses, so I'm not sure the win is indicative of how the deck would normally function under those circumstances.

30 Sep 2017 beyoken

@evilgaz Scarcity is a hard counter to basically every Runner deck not running Mopus now! Taggy decks are interesting - while there aren't hard counters in this list, keep in mind that NBN taggy decks are crippled now. It is quite possible to win against NBN by simply running only remotes.

30 Sep 2017 stevensonson

inb4 turn 1 scarcity

1 Oct 2017 manveruppd

I was gonna say "needs a Strike or two!" then I remember it's restricted. Sad times...

3 Oct 2017 Boojum

Technical Writer is late-game economy, which this deck has more than enough: Geist tends to end up filty rich with Tech Trader, and cloud breakers don't take credits to break subs anyway. If this deck needs any more money (I'm not sure it does), it would be Sure Gamble to set up faster.

3 Oct 2017 ZiNOS

What are your chances against Skorpios? It will sure be a tough one.

4 Oct 2017 Rahrhino

@ZiNOS As a Scorp player Geist is actually pretty problematic due to his breaker redundancy. You can rfm a spike but they still have 3 ways to get through a barrier. And remember, they can only rfm 1 thing per turn!

4 Oct 2017 ZiNOS

@Rahrhino So the best strat will be to double your servers. Barrier with a barrier in front, Code gate with a code gate in front etc. This way Geist has to trash 2, you remove one, and they have to levy to get the double of breakers back (one from before and one in the new Levy.

5 Oct 2017 Rahrhino

@ZiNOS Sounds like a legit strategy to me! Come to think of it, My Skorp/Geist games were pre-rotation so without Aaron and Siphon so you might be in with a decent chance :) Mine was weird (ran no code gates) which made 30% of Geist's breakers dead before the game even began, which certainly helped.

2 Feb 2018 fiveofnine

Thoughts on diannes hunt instead of off campis and source

2 Feb 2018 fiveofnine

Thoughts on Diana's Hunt instead of off campis and source