Red Titan -- 1st @ 2 Store Champs -- 6-0

aDumbBrick 670

Red Level Clearance is a combo player's wildest dream.

As my meta can tell you I like scoring fast, and I like titan. I don't think there has ever been a time when this deck has been better.

I played this deck at 2 SC and across both of them I went 6-0. This deck is designed to go fast but also to be able to hopefully protect a remote or a critical central for a couple of turns.

While the main plan is Fast Advance with Project Atlas counters, The deck has a surprisingly easy time rushing out an agenda or two behind ice around turns 2 - 4. Against some decks the remote may be how you can score all of your agendas

I still think that Pawnshop Hayley & Wu are tough but playable matchups so YMMV depending on how popular those and Clot are in your meta

Onto card choices:

Red Level Clearance

This card is the nuts for titan & likely combo in general. Here is everything it can do:

  • Lets you draw 2 cards!! for 1 credit and 0 clicks.
    • This both breaks RnD lock and gives you more of a chance to find combo pieces on important turns.
  • Allows you to clicklessly install a Reconstruction Contract to get more advancements on an atlas or FA a 4/2 or FA a 5/3 (w)ith some extra help.
  • Allows you to clicklessly install a CVS to help you get around clot
  • Really make your opponent groan when it the top card on RnD and you have an atlas counter.

In general draw is super important in titan where one card may be all you need to see to find a way to keep the atlas train running, The fact that it combos with both CVS and Reconstruction Contract makes it a must have 3x in any Titan deck solely interested in rush / FA. In some cases & combinations it really feels like a 1c Biotic.


Notably this deck forgoes the kill backup plan in favor of a pure FA & rush plan. This is somewhat taste, but I prefer trying to count to 7 before turn 7 instead. This deck is helped by the fact that some people respect it as a possibility though.

Too Big to Fail

In general we aren't to concerned about bad publicity since our ice is rarely taxing and most often is only rezzed when it stops an important run.



This is where I am a really off book with this deck. In general though Mogo is quite difficult for most decks to break early. For anarchs & crims relying on Aumakua it can almost be an entire game plan by its self. With luck & positioning it can be combined with other cards like Guard or Border Control to give Engolo a hard time as well. Don't worry about keeping it type-less to hard, just try to make sure that the types it has gained require another runner piece to deal with it.


If I could I would play 3 of these. This is probably the best face-check for the deck & also it can be quite tricky to break (2 stealth from smoke, 9 total for 1st break with black orchestra, Difficult for turtle. Unfortunately it isn't as good as the other influence. Drawing 3 is fantastic, even better than 2.


While this ice is a little bad, it is almost a necessity to handle early inside jobs from crim. It also is important to have ETR in every subtype since generally you only want to rez any of your ice if it ends that run.

Border Control

The other big gift titan received. Put it on HQ if you are worried about Embezzle (in general let DOF happen if you can afford to let it). Put it on RnD if you are scared of early RnD pressure (much less common) or put it on the remote to reduce the amount of time you opponent has to find an answer by at least one click.


I really like this suite in general but there are a couple of notes

Oaktown Renovation

2 of this and 2 New Construction is a bit of a taste choice. I like Oaktown because the credit gain is often the difference between being able to score (Biotic + Audacity from 4 instead of 6, 7 vs 12 for double Biotic) or rez protective ice. While New Construction does combo with recoco I find it doesn't come up often enough to justify 3x

SSL Endorsement

I would love this to be a GFI but alas MoGo takes my restricted slot.

Hostile Takeover

Always 3x, never less


I feel like the rest is pretty much standard titan combo stuff. Red Level really does make the difference though. Since it has been released I've won so many more games with 5/3 scores & wins through clot, as well as winning games where I wasn't able to prevent the top card of RnD from being accessed every turn. This deck is fast and typically wins around T 7 or 8.

The one spare influence haunts my dreams but I have yet to find something that I want to spend it on other than the GFI I can't have. I've been playing this deck for far too long now and I'm really happy with the list it might be time to hang it up for a while though, Pelangi has started to rise and really hurts the remote plan. Best of luck to anyone who wants to pick it up and try to go fast. I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

18 Apr 2019 ptc

Fun looking deck! Maybe swap Afshar or a Guard for an IP Block with the spare inf?

21 Apr 2019 SneakdoorMelb

Fantastic deck. Red Level really is the nuts here, it's crazy how much of a boost it gives you. The MoGo felt weird at first but I've been cheesing so many wins with it, particularly with the dirty Border Control combo. Love it!