Kim - Does You Does or Does You Don't Take Access?- Euros 20

SubTric 432

This is the runner deck I took to Euros 2018 after playing more games than I can count with it. It always ran at around a 50% win ratio and so was far from a highly competitive deck, so why did I take it to Euros? 1. I love Kim - His ID ability rocks and I just like the theme and vibe of the character. 2. It's really good fun. My Corp deck was much more consistent and serious and I just love playing this deck so I went with it.

On the day, it did as I expected - lost more than it won, but it made for some very tense games right down to the wire. One particularly great moment was Maw firing against CI who had 14 or so cards in hand. They had a fully loaded MCA which I wouldn't touch and would score a 5/3 from hand next turn and win. The 1 agenda I could steal was the one that Maw hit, dropped it into Archives and I grabbed it last click for the win. Adrenaline rush!

On the day the deck beat - CI, Potential Unleashed & AgInfusion... And lost to - PE (Gang Sing into Snare), PE (double Snare on 2 access run), Skorp, Palana. Basically it was Jinteki all day for me :)

The deck is a Gang Sign/Spoilers/Maw set up which synergises well with Kim. It's not a new idea, but I've refined and tweaked the idea a lot. The impact it has on the corp is great, especially against decks loaded with 3/1 agendas. The set up speed is pretty fast and we run 3 copies of trope for recurring DDoS (which is literally the best card and wins more games than anything) and your cash!

Plow through the deck and get set up with Spoilers, Maw and GS as fast as possible. The threat alone will make the corp think about scoring out fast. Limit GS installs vs jinteki. Once Maw is installed, max it out - if you can't get into HQ/R&D easily but there is an unprotected asset you don't need to trash, go access it every turn until they ice it. Trash as many cards in HQ as possible. The number of triggers and accesses you can get with Spoilers, GS and HQ Interface means nothing is safe - with a max of trashing 3 cards from R&D and accessing 6 cards in hand (plus trashing 2 through Maw and ID ability), the impact of the corp scoring an agenda is a big one.

Hacktivist continues to be hyper effective in this NGO Front/Rashida meta. 3-of is auto include here without any other consideration. I changed two of the cards 2 days before the event - I was running 2x Dirty Laundry which were great first turn and after a DDoS pop, but in the week leading up to the event I found a few turns in each game where I was digging through the stack looking for cash, or 3-4 clicks on a Liberated, so I swapped these for Day Job. It was a good call I think.

Overall this is a fun deck to play, its frustrating for the corp which gives you some impact and it generally makes for tight, tense games which I really enjoy.