Lat'n'roll (#1 Sweeps Week Async, 5-0)

lostgeek 3144

Ran the dream of Sweep, Sweep, ID, ID into the cut and stayed in the winners bracket to win against the endboss @gilesdavis in a nail biter grand finale!

Changes between round 1 and 2:

-1 Bravado, -1 Lucky Find, -1 Spec Work, -2 Injection Attack (lol what was I thinking?)

+1 Imp, +1 Falsified Credentials, +3 Daily Casts

5 Apr 2021 gilesdavis


6 Apr 2021 Jinsei

No Engolo! Cool to see Lat do some work

6 Apr 2021 lostgeek

Who needs Engolo, when you've got Pelangi, Euler and a ton of recursion? :D