Planned Ob-solescence [STARTUP]

Friendtrain 100

2-1 @ ATX January GNK - 4th overall.

Dang Ob is fun! This deck is built to help you reach maximum speed with enough dirty speed bumps for the runner along the way.

Since everything in Ob has a shelf life, here are the important tutors:

  • When scoring Azef Protocol, aim for a Regolith to bring out a Malapert Data Vault. With Ob, you can use it the same moment you install it since the trash action in Azef is a cost before you score! Malapert will grab you Biotic Labor and/or Seamless Launch to keep your speed up.

  • If you can manage it, score an Atlas with a counter early, so late game, you can tutor a Hostile Takeover for your last score.

  • The 3 Pharos are there to make an early score easy (since you should be FLUSH with cash). Also, you need to see it so you can tutor a SanSan - if you happen to have a Svyatogor installed, it's a fantastic option for a penultimate score when you have an Atlas counter ready to go.

  • Most people now know that Stavka + HafrĂșn is a thing (a horrible, horrible thing). However, since you're trying to rush with this deck, it's more a fall back to keep the runner in check while you find agendas to score. Having said that, plop a Crisium Grid on R&D just in case you need a tutor target for a Stavka. Since you can rez it at instant speed, it keeps the combo open, plus, it serves as defense for anyone still playing Deep Dive.

  • If you ever need money, destroy one of the many weak 3 cost ice to get a Regolith. Though, money is usually no issue in this deck.

  • Don't forget about Ice Wall to Spin Doctor - keep the speed up!

This Ob deck did great on the day, only dropping 1 game to a Turbine, boat, and Padma deck, where I bottom halved my agendas. The other games, the runners did not have time to set up, leading to quick wins.

Thanks to all the excellent folks in the ATX meta and Tim for organizing this one - always a great time!