Dark Side Whizz (1st, Toronto Regionals 22/07/17)

d1en 3413

Choo Choo

List I got from Dave Hoyland and tinkered to my liking. -3 Dirty Laundry, +2 Mars for Martians, +1 Amped Up, +1 Mad Dash. Agendas can't hide when you're changing your game plan constantly. This list also won in the UK in the hands of Hoyland; shout outs to his kindness in sharing the tech across the Monarchy.

24 Jul 2017 scd

How did you like Mars for Martians on the day? Much of an upgrade over the Dirty Laundries?

25 Jul 2017 Cerberus

The logic of Mars for Martians was that it allows you to keep up your money and keyhole runs during the late game. Laundry is better in the moon match up, and generally in the early game if you are kept off siphons. I definitely prefer laundry but Dien is a snowflake and had to change my deck ;)

25 Jul 2017 d1en

@scd Mars for Martians was good for the day; our meta loves tag storm and NBN so slotting those were mainly to help me recover from a Closed Accounts. Pile on top the fact that it can help power your money for continuous Keyhole money, keeping pressure on the Corp. @Cerberus is right though, snowflake move. :)

25 Jul 2017 scd

You two are my favorite Netrunner snowflakes.

25 Jul 2017 Cerberus

You monster!

25 Jul 2017 MikeJS

Are you sure this is a @Cerberus deck... I only see 2 Account Siphon. Nice list!

25 Jul 2017 Cerberus

A previous version had 3 and a Planned Assault, so don't worry, I was just mixing it up.

26 Jul 2017 shanodin

How does this deck fare against AgInfusion?

28 Jul 2017 nodtrio

Hi @d1en Congratulate! I saw Korean Rebirth on stream! Many of us glad to see that cards, hope you see then!

30 Jul 2017 Cerberus

@shanodinit is a rough match up. Not a deck I recommend if you think it will be popular. However it is winnable, just not favoured. Did alright yesterday in an Ag heavy field ;)

31 Jul 2017 d1en

@shanodinI didn't think it's a favoured matchup but with some smart running you can make it happen. If it's worth anything, The grand finals game has me playing against AG, it may be worth taking a look to see what I did.

@nodtrio I did it for Seoul! GO KOREA EDWARD KIMMMMM