Drone Wars - 1st* Place Salford SC

same old things 100

An evolution of rotage's Ryper v1.0. I wanted to try SDS Drone Deployment in place of Global Food Initiative. It ended up working out really well for me on the day with wins against three Vals, a 419 and a stabby fox Maxx. Aggressive Secretary was good in testing but never showed up once on the day. I realised when I handed in my decklist on the morning of the tournament that I had no restricted card, I'd probably swap out Sandstone for an Excalibur in future.

The asterisk in the title is because when me and @Tolaasin were chatting about the final game after it was finished we realised I'd made an illegal play. He was gracious about it, but probably deserves the moral victory.

31 Mar 2019 mcg

Did SDSDD do work? More effective when scored or stolen, or as a deterrent?

31 Mar 2019 same old things

It definitely killed a few breakers both on scores and steals. It opened further scoring windows rather than completely locking people out I found.

31 Mar 2019 kevintame

I've played this deck 5 times just now on JNET and had 5 concedes. Killing breakers is funny.

31 Mar 2019 Tolaasin

Mistakes are made in probably every game of netrunner, so no sweat at all. On the other hand, rotage has promised us a pair of Trojan Ducks so that should help next time.

31 Mar 2019 NtscapeNavigator

SDS behind bulwark was something I never had a hope to steal, that said the one I took out of rnd on the last turn put me on match point - so swings and roundabouts with GFI I guess. Did you get more value out of its "When scored" or "To steal" more?

Trojan horse is so nasty with the money advantage outfit gets.

I think the best tech here is the 3rd hostile takeover, @Tolaasinwould agree I'm sure.

Anyway was a fun, quite close game we had and congrats on the win.

31 Mar 2019 Tolaasin

Why anyone would not play 3 hostiles in an Outfit deck is entirely beyond me.

31 Mar 2019 rotage

Congrats on the win :)

Yeah I blame the original creator of this Ryper deck for the lack of 3 hostiles...

Glad to see you had success with SDS, I was too afraid to test it

Ducks are being trained as we speak :)

1 Apr 2019 same old things

@Blonde Haired Hacker Girl I think the when scored was (unsurprisingly) a lot more impactful. You're right though, when you stole that SDS and ran R&D again I was sweating a little bit!

1 Apr 2019 Nem0

@same old things What was the illegal play, out of curiosity?