Nyoom - 20th, 25th and 35th at APAC 2023

krysdreavus 237


This is the usual Sable build, updated with the release of TAI. The rotation of Tapwrm and Deuces Wild hurt the usual shell a little bit, but we got many new powerful tools in TAI that, combined with the rotation of HHN, helped make this deck a good choice in the early days of the new meta.

First we have Hermes, which replaces the old Pennyshaver for our console slot and requires 3 copies over the usual 2, but for good reason. Hermes has a really powerful effect that slows corps down and has great synergy with the criminal toolkit, in particular Diversion of Funds combined with an ice bounce from HQ.

The new breakers Curupira and Shibboleth are actually fine, so they allow us to free important influence that goes into importing green cards for draw and Deep Dive, allowing us to set up much faster.

Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra was initially included simply as tech for Oppo Research, but after playing with her for a bit we realized that she has much more utility than that. First of all, Sable + Wheels combined allow us to regularly take 6-click turns, provided one of them is a (successful if we don't want a tag) run on a remote server and one is a successful run on the mark. This helps us charge Bankrolls and Aumakua much faster than we could before, and allows for powerful combo turns where we are able to Deep Dive and contest a remote server on the same turn, using the bounces from Hermes to help us score succesful runs.

Bahia Bands and Debbie "Downtown" Moreira are notable cards that were excluded, the first because it's not as good as Deuces and we wanted draw that didn't require to run plus we didn't expect to have trouble with asset decks, the second because without Bands we don't have quite enough run events to make use of her effectively.

Hermes busto.

6 Aug 2023 riverluna

Amazing deck, really great getting to watch several games of Headmoths playing this on stream. 🥰🥰🥰

7 Aug 2023 crowphie

Hermes busto.

8 Aug 2023 Jai

Consider me extremely impressed that a Bones-less crim deck beat Bladderwort R+ not just once, but twice, and both times in the exact same way! Well played to you and Headmoths in our games in R4 and R6 respectively, it's clear you came in extremely prepared, and it was extremely challenging for me to adapt my gameplan on the fly to deal with your centrals pressure.

Looking forward to see what y'all come up with for the rest of the season!