pouchsurfer 212


The orb is back! glory to the orb! It's a little changed. It's on the other side of the table. And it does the opposite of what it was doing before. Twice as often. Still, it's back!

With Spark rotating when the next NSG set drops, I wanted to give this ID a try. Nothing special here, just an Advertisement tribal with the goal of piling up money, and scoring behind a money-taxing remote whenever a window opens.

We want to rez an advertisement every single turn we can (both ours and the runner's). Sometimes, we want to rez advertisements when the runner is accessing an asset with just enough credits to trash. Sometimes we want to rez at the start of turn. Rezzing a Tiered Subscription or CPC Generator turn one is great to deny Sure Gamble. Divert Power is our best way to reset our advertisements, and we want to use it to rez our expensive ICE. Use Media Blitz to bring back lots of assets, especially when we're following that up with Divert Power.

There are so many ways for runners to play around BOOM!, so kill is more a deterrent than a reliable win condition. But given our credit denial package, it's easy for us to land HHN. Retribution mostly works as a tempo hit to sink a full boat or a fracter when we push for scores.

22 Feb 2023 Zerothmaxima

Glory to Orb!

22 Feb 2023 pouchsurfer

I was anxiously waiting for your reaction @Zerothmaxima <3. May the orb be with you