Damn, I'm "Pretty" good (0-3 NANPC Van)

PiCat314 79

Feels in my corp writeup.

Just like earth station, I've been playing almost nothing but gnat for months. Unlike earth station, I was not winning games.

One day I met Diogene on jnet, playing a chiselcharm Aumakua gnat build I had been trying out. He is also a gnat enjoyer, and we got talking about builds. Not a week later, I saw him on jnet again, and he gave me this deck, which he had been iterating on.

This gnat deck is magical. It's the best gnat deck I have ever played. I played the deck against Diogene's corp and won. I hadn't won a gnat game in ages. We chatted for a bit, and then I immediately got in a game with my partner szrin. I told him I had this new deck and I wasn't sure if it really was this good, or if I was just lucky. I went on to win our game against bird and bully outfit. The deck was real.

I made a couple small changes, most notably adding stoneships in place of no one home and adding “Pretty” Mary and Heliamphora to protect my exers. The amount of pressure this deck puts out with Bankhar and Botulus is incredible. I can slow the corp down and get them to focus ice on R&D and hq by installing Docklands and eXer, without them realizing a Divide and Conquer run is on the way. On the day, I only got the full combo off once against ctz. Gnat didn't win a single game. Despite this, I had a blast showing the deck off.

See y'all at the next one!

26 Mar 2024 Diogene

Awesome! I like the idea of putting in Heliamphora.

While I loved the theme of Climactic Showdown, I totally agree that “Pretty” Mary da Silva is better here, less expensive and more reliable.

I'll be trying this out!


26 Mar 2024 PiCat314

@Diogenei was so sad to cut climactic showdown but I needed more rnd accesses :(

Incredible deck though, thank you so much!

27 Mar 2024 squeeeeeege

Piss gang???

27 Mar 2024 PiCat314

@squeeeeeege PISS GANG