Damn, I'm good... enough [Standard]

Diogene 3941

This is as good as I can make it. Huge thanks to PiCat for the inspiration and conversation around playing this ID.

Last iteration : -2 Avgustina Ivanovskaya, -1 Cookbook, -2 Fermenter, -1 DJ Fenris, -2 No One Home, +3 Strike Fund, +2 Climactic Showdown, +3 Stoneship Chart Room. Climactic Showdown will allow you to see 4 cards in HQ and R&D with Divide and Conquer!

The quote of this Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind is probably the best for a runner. Considering the difficulties to make the ID matter, it fit even better when you'll win a game with this deck.

Game plan : Challenge EVERY centrals to multiaccess and win.

Mulligan plan : you have to be able to play 3 cards from hand. We want to trigger the ID on turn 1, if possible.

Best I can

Now, let's face it. You could do "good stuff" anarch, with a blank ID, and it would probably be good enough. This is not what this deck is about. We want to trigger the ID to have "self" Smartware Distributor. But to do that, we have to play in an unsafe way (2 cards in hand at the end of the turn).

This is why we have No One Home. While it will not protect us from Punitive Counterstrike or Clearinghouse, it might work for Reaper Function and Neurospike. It can also help against Oppo Research.

With Docklands Pass and eXer, we can see 2 cards from centrals. Those cards synergize with Divide and Conquer. With those 3 cards, we are a threat on every centrals, forcing the corp to spread itself.

Avgustina Ivanovskaya is there to add some annoyance to the corp. Along with Cookbook, those cards could be replaced by Strike Fund or Climactic Showdown. If you take out Avgustina Ivanovskaya, replace also Fermenter by Raindrops Cut Stone.

Personnaly, I like Avgustina Ivanovskaya because it "trim" a bit HQ usually, which makes Divide and Conquer runs matter more.

Botulus goes for the innermost ice of centrals, Boomerang and Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga will help us deal with the outermost.

Here are everything that was tried in 15+ iterations of this deck :

Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind is 6 years old ID (from 2018). The meta has changed dramatically since then. The best incarnation of this ID was done by Klokotze, in my opinion. It was such a janky way to play the game. I tried using this ID 2 years ago, and it was ok, just like this current deck.

Again, thanks to PiCat for showing me the inital deck and chatting to theorycraft on the archetype. We both really like this ID (it is my favorite).

The flavor of this ID is very nice, but a bit complicated for the ID ability to matter, because there are so many threats that keeping a low amount of cards in hand is a big risk.

If you try this, I hope it works out also for you. That was a fun challenge for me.


17 Mar 2024 PiCat314

I've found in practice Stoneship Chart Room is a worthwhile replacement for No One Home. Against decks where you're not worried about tags or damage it's not a dead draw, it works against meat and net, and it lets you cheat a Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga run if you don't have the cards in hand or the clicks to draw. It doesn't work against tags, but I found No One Home was also not super great against tags either, as either I didn't have the cash for the trace or it was a tagstorm deck which applied single tags many times over the course of the game. I'd maybe consider a No Free Lunch, but I think Stoneship is just more versatile (it can save you from End of the Line, if that's what you're scared of).

There's also something to be said about Scrubber (or Imp, if you're playing the Avgustina version) against decks with particular assets you want to kill. I have yet to play Avgustina very much, so maybe the innate sabo is good enough.

I've been having so much fun with this deck. Thanks for reigniting my hope in the boy again!

17 Mar 2024 Diogene

@PiCat314, that is an awesome finding! Stoneship Chart Room is the right call, you've blown my mind!

I tried with Climactic Showdown and it works just as advertised! Replacing the Avgustina Ivanovskaya and Cookbook is with 2 or 3 Climactic Showdown is totally worth it. I prefers 2 as it can clog the hand otherwise. I am still trying to find the balance between Strike Fund and Fermenter. But I'm also considering using Paladin Poemu and Fencer Fueno.

Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated! Cheers!