Your Sacrifice (19th UK Nats)

Hello 79

After having fun with A Teia at worlds, I decided I wanted something a bit simpler and closer to my roots for nationals. Jemison is an ID that I have loved since I started playing this game, and I just so happened to have a list lying around.

The core was to put the runner's killers, fracters, and resources at risk while rushing out small agendas, then fast advance or lockout to secure a victory. 3 SDS helps keep your agenda density low, while being difficult for the runner to steal if they come across it in the first few turns. Slash and Burn works as an Audacity that doesn't throw your hand away, and frees up a deck slot. Corporate Town lets you pull fast advance tricks, especially when installed with Red Level, and is far more costly for the runner to trash than Oberth. If they don't though, it can completely prevent them from using their resources.

Colossus was cut due to its high cost, Too Big to Fail was dropped because it built up bad publicity too quickly, and Tucana was added last minute. I'm glad I managed to find space for 3 Standoff, as being able to easily rez Archer is incredibly taxing for the runner. Mavirus justified 3 Sandstone, and the last few influence went on Jua as a nasty little surprise that works particularly well against Arissana and Simulchip shenanigans.

This deck won 4 of the 7 games it played at nationals, including a 2 for 1 in the last round. The games it lost were partially because it didn't see the right ice when it needed to, but mostly because of very good play from my opponents. I had a lot of fun with it regardless.

A huge thanks to harmonbee for introducing me to this wonderful game, and being part of the excellent judge team at this year's nationals. The Warwick Uni and Birmingham metas have also been great to play with, and I'll give a special-shout out to Zoehope for playing with far more skill than I had 5 months into the game, leading to a beautifully tense final round 2 for 1.

13 Nov 2023 harmonbee

I decided I wanted something a bit simpler

oh yeah that makes sense, playing something simpler so you don't have to concentrate so hard for seven rounds makes sense



For real though, as I said to you after your stream game, I am so incredibly proud of you. It's a real joy to call you my friend and to be able to say that I introduced you to this game, given the amount of work you've put into teaching others and being part of growing our wonderful local meta. Congrats on getting so close to your first ever top 16 (and being on stream for the first time) with such cool and unique decks!

13 Nov 2023 AceEmpress

From the bottom of my heart, congrats on doing so well Tim, you absolutely earned it! I'm so sorry our games on stream went like they did - your decks deserved to get to show off their stuff and especially this Jemison just had the worst luck off a bad mulligan. Thank you for helping teach me the game, and for being and continuing to be a pillar of the Warwick and Brum netrunner communities.

13 Nov 2023 Zoehope

This deck was amazing to play against and our final 241 in Round 7 of UK Nats was brilliantly won (by you and this deck). I'd like to banish Jua for life after the spanner it threw in my Sable works! Well played, well won!

13 Nov 2023 xccam

I love Jemison. I was really pleased to see your Jemison finish so high on the standings, and with such a different archetype to what I'm used to doing with Jemison.

I've got to try this, I've never played a genuinely vegan Jemison before.

14 Nov 2023 Hello

@xccam Conversely, I've never really played the sort of Jemison you brought (save an early experiment with Gene Splicer many years ago).

Very well done for making it into the top cut yourself. It was likewise lovely to see a Jemison make it so far.