Surfer Wu, 1st (6-0) Ottawa Regionals

lopert 1618

Another take on the latest Surfing Wu craze.

Swiss Games vs: Argus (W), Outfit (W), Argus (W), Argus (W)
Top4 Cut games vs: Azmari (W), Argus (W)

Key Changes:

-1 Hunting Grounds, +1 Rebirth

Once you're setup, the Wu ability is blank.
Rebirth for Jesminder gives you the same tag-avoidance benefits as hunting grounds, but for cheaper AND it works on the Argus ability.

-1 Other Breakers, +1 Maven

Maven fits really well into this deck as your backup breaker, and is a great way to avoid having to spend 7 via Laamb to break things. It allowed me to steal a game wining GFI behind 2 STR 8 Surveyors for 4c.

-2 Akamatsu Mem Chip, +1 Leprechaun

Slimmed down the memory for deckslots. Leprechaun is easily accessible via Wu+ Scavenge, and easily gives more memory when using the 2MU breakers.

Future changes

I'd probably cut the Kati Jones to get down to 45 cards. It feels way too slow in most matchups.

4 Sep 2019 azkiel

Congrats! Really like the Maven include, great idea!