Tugboat 4th@Worlds and King of Swiss 8-1

Bridgeman 2235

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Named in honour of Tugtetgut who is not only the original creator of this archetype, but who despite me not being able to talk about my prep to him handed me his new iteration of the Hoshipko list.

Thank you! A true show of solidarity from one norseman to another :D

At first I made a bunch of bad changes without even having tested the deck and was underwhelmed with the results, so I almost put the deck away completely. Then I got destroyed by the deck on jnet by all the botulus I had cut and realized most of the changes I had made were bad xD

Turns out Tug knows what he is doing, who would have guessed?

This ended up only being two slots different from what I was originally sent.

  • -1 Maemi cause there werent enough events for it
  • -1 DJ Fenris cause he seemed clunky in a lot of games and was no good vs R+ which seemed like a slightly worrysome matchup given the resource based econ
  • +1 DreamNet as per Tugs recommendation, seems very correct to me
  • +1 NFL to turn the R+ matchup into a favored one without weakening other matchups too much

The deck is an absolute monster and CTM seems to be the only matchup it is worried about. It went 5-1 in swiss and 3-0 in the cut, it was the absolute hard carry out of my two decks.

For shoutouts and talk about the event see my corp list :)

15 Oct 2022 TugtetguT

Name approved 👍

Congrats on yet another great performance!

15 Oct 2022 postis

"When Asger hands you a deck..."

16 Oct 2022 Bridgeman

Indeed :D

Nice to have the stamp of approval!