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thebigunit3000 2949


3 Oct 2017 moistloaf

LUL on theme tho

4 Oct 2017 qkieu

Decklist of the week, let's gooo! ^^

4 Oct 2017 Rahrhino

This is inspired. You truly are a genius!

4 Oct 2017 Inermis

I love how every one card in this deck thematically works.

4 Oct 2017 Saan

0/10, 1 influence left over that clearly could have been used for IP Block.

4 Oct 2017 thebigunit3000

Please don't make this decklist of the week. This is more an exercise to vent frustration than anything else. Decklists of the week should be, you know, actual decklists.

4 Oct 2017 Dazzler

Too late. It's going to be deck of the week.

4 Oct 2017 Sanjay

The year is 2XX7. We are a hundreds of years post-rotation.

An archeologist stumbles upon a cache of rotated Netrunner cards. They are puzzled and confused...

"How is this ID any good? Even if you wanted to play an advanceable ICE deck, wouldn't BABW, BoN, Titan, Skorp, ANYTHING be better than this?"

Luckily for them, they have some context clues in the form of an old data disk. On it, hundreds of decklists.

"It's lucky that someone thought to compile these together. Makes our jobs a lot easier."

They search the database and find a single Because We Built It list. This list.

Top scholars debate about how the list could have possibly functioned. What was the metagame like back in 2017? Were the rules different? Were all the good cards subject to some kind of hyperrestrictive MWL? 24 different graduate students get their doctorate writing about this list alone.

Anyway, I really hope this does make Decklist of the Week.

4 Oct 2017 josh01

1x bad times

oh god my sides

4 Oct 2017 photon

@Sanjay love that thought...

5 Oct 2017 moistloaf

as if you didn’t know this would be decklist of the week LUL

7 Oct 2017 atuk84

Lol its the decklist of the week... trollolololed!!!

7 Oct 2017 obscurica

"Please don't make this decklist of the week."